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Running a successful small business is not easy. The daily grind along with the immense pressure placed upon you can really do a number on your drive and willpower. Businesses often find it difficult to expand when they appear to have plateaued. The same concept applies to business owners. When your business was just starting out, you could feel your knowledge and toughness growing by the minute. You had a clear vision of your future and were almost overwhelmed with ideas for achieving more and more success. Fast forward to the present when you are struggling to muster up the motivation and enthusiasm required for moving forward.

How can you expect to grow my business when you don’t feel like you have the capacity to grow yourself? You can start by exploring the new and vastly improved business financing industry, which has the potential to take more than just your business to unprecedented heights.

Here are three reasons paying back a small business loan makes you a better business owner:

1. Remember How Good You Are At What You Do?

Many small business owners are in a constant battle with imposter syndrome, or the self-inflicted notion that they aren’t worthy of building a successful operation or living their dreams. They struggle to identify with their larger competitors and begin to suspect that true success is only meant for people like them, people who possess certain qualities or advantages. But no small business owner started a business with this mindset. In order to start a business, you have to believe that you know more about your industry or business fundamentals than anyone in the world. You need to get this mindset back, and a great way to do that is to remind yourself just how good you are at what you do.

Boosting your self-esteem typically involves doing something other people like you are afraid of. One example is debt financing, or venturing into the new but widely unknown universe of modern business financing. The small business loans available today are so different from the past that you basically have to forget everything you know about business lenders and replace that with new information. You have to do research to figure out which investments have the highest likelihood of producing profitable returns and how much debt you can afford to take on throughout a certain time frame. Paying off debt without obstructing cash flow is much less stressful if you make numerous changes to your expenses and operations. By the time you have made your last payment, you will feel just as confident in your own skills as you did when your business was first finding its legs.

2. Support From People Who Know The Struggle

Support isn’t necessarily a problem for small business owners. They tend to have loving friends and family members who encourage and praise them for their hard work and dedication. Still, it’s safe to say this support would be infinitely more powerful if it was coming from people who could relate to what small business owners go through. The average person just doesn’t understand what it’s like to not have a steady paycheck or the freedom to forget their work once they get home. These feelings of alienation or solitude makes it much harder for business owners to maintain their work ethic.

Alternative business financing companies like United Capital Source are at the forefront of the business financing revolution because they can offer something traditional business lenders could not: a real partnership. UCS is not the only business lender capable of approving unsecured business loans at a rapid pace but our clients choose us because unlike their bank, we were once a small business, just like them. We know the inevitable obstacles they face and how impossible it seems to conquer them. In addition to the most innovative working capital loans, credit card processing loans, and accounts receivable loans on the market, clients of UCS are rewarded with our financial guidance throughout their entire relationship with us. New borrowers are sometimes shocked to discover what they are capable of when they don’t feel completely alone during troubled times.

3. Getting Back To The Fun Stuff

A previous section from this list referenced being intimidated by the advantages of larger competitors. Now, imagine if your largest competitor was the Internet. Small business owners are understandably worried that their loyal customers will soon find out that their business’s products or services are available for much cheaper prices (if not for free) online. What’s the point of trying to grow if I can’t beat the selections, prices, and information supplied by the Internet?

Let’s answer that question with a question: Why are so many people overweight when all the information they need about how to lose weight is available online? People need living, breathing, experts like you to help them make the right spending decisions. This concept is responsible for the birth of countless successful business. But lately, you’ve been so busy that you forgot why you started your business in the first place. Small business loans from UCS are specifically crafted to let business owners spend more time interacting with customers or promoting their biggest strengths. Rather than trying to make as many sales as possible, you can develop a marketing campaign, search for and train new hires, or renovate your physical space. This is your opportunity to proudly advertise what your business does and tell customers why they should choose you over someone else.

You Can’t Grow Your Business If Your Heart Isn’t In It

UCS would not offer our trademark customer service if it didn’t help our borrowers pay off debt. We have personally found that growing a business becomes much easier when you aren’t limited by these three self-effacing beliefs. Small business owners are self-supportive but they need to work with a certain type of person (or business lender) to achieve their goals. If your business lender’s efforts have had no impact on your general mindset or perception of the future, than that is not the business lender for you.


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