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Most small business owners have very similar New Year’s resolutions. Regardless of whether they want to expand their team, make more sales, or sign a major client, they know that none of this is possible if they do not make a conscious effort to be a more responsible and attentive leader. A business cannot grow if its leader is not fully aware of every single thing that should be gradually eliminated or capitalized on.

The average business owner, however, is usually far too busy to actually sit down and think about what isn’t in black and white. But that’s what the new year is for. Rather than simply mulling over statistics, it’s important to take this time to dig deep and compile all of your concerns about the future, even if you have no idea how to solve them.

Here are 4 things small business owners should think about as the new year sets in:


The instinctual answer to this question is “not making enough money” but if you aren’t worried about profits or revenue, you are more likely to lose motivation and not give 100% of your effort moving forward. A company needs a sense of urgency in order to get work done on time. So instead of money, think about the individual aspects of your business that are keeping you up at night.

Maybe you’re worried about taxes or benefits and could use the help of an outsourced accountant or human resources service. Maybe you’re worried about exposure and are looking for the assurance of knowing that you are doing all you can to make sure potential customers are able to discover your business. Odds are, the first things that come to mind involve areas you aren’t exactly an expert in. You’ll be happy to learn that thanks to alternative business financing companies like United Capital Source, the funding and guidance you need to acquire the people you’re looking for are not out of reach, regardless of your credit score or the size of your business.


Once again, the instinctual answer is “not making enough money” but let’s pretend you had all the working capital you needed today. Would you know what to spend the money on? Would you know when to spend the money? What makes you think this particular investment would achieve the results you have in mind? Instead of a lack of funds, the obstacles that are standing in the way of your goals are your inability to answer any of these extremely important questions. You won’t be able to secure funding for that matter unless you stop worrying about getting the money and direct your attention to how you’ll use it and what it will do for your business.

The business lending industry has changed dramatically as of late, so it’s a lot easier to obtain a small business loan than it is to determine how to carry out a major investment with minimal impact on cash flow. Figuring this stuff out is arguably the hardest part about applying for funding in general, since some business lenders ask for very little paperwork and have the ability to create a individualized funding program in a matter of days.


Your strategies for next year should be largely based on your competition because different competitors have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, if your biggest competitor is ecommerce, it would be wise to emphasize the incomparable experience of a brick and mortar store because websites can’t compete with you on this level. If you are competing with other brick and mortar stores, on the other hand, many have found that it’s more beneficial to establish a friendly relationship with your competitors.

After establishing which void is available for you to fill, you can move on to asking yourself which tools will allow you to fill it better than anyone else. And if doing it better than anyone else means using more funding than anyone else, a small business loan is where to start. Companies like United Capital Source are known for distributing multiple rounds of funding within a few years’ time, and as long as you pay off your debt, your terms and borrowing amount will be increasingly convenient for your needs.


If your answer is “I don’t need one,” than you will most qualify for your ideal borrowing amount. This is because the most advantageous small business loans are reserved for borrowers who want or have earned them, as opposed to flailing businesses trying to scrape by or startups that aren’t even sure they are profitable. United Capital Source was formed around the typical responses to this question. Businesses that were previously rejected by banks tend to have no trouble accessing our unsecured business loans. Nearly every element of your terms is negotiable with UCS, especially those your bank refused to budge on.

Business funding simply isn’t what it used to be, so it only makes sense for you to re-evaluate your entire opinion on them going into the new year. Most of your competitors probably haven’t caught on to alternative business financing, which will shock you once you realize how unbelievably easy it is to pay off these loans. 2018 is your chance to get ahead of the game and establish a partnership you can count on no matter what changes your industry is poised to go through in the coming years.

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