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Restaurant owner giving customer credit card machine for payment - credit card receivables financing

Credit Card Receivables Financing : 25 Things To Know

Are you looking for a quick way to deal with short-term cash flow issues? If so, one option to help your small business access cash quickly is to get credit card receivables financing.  Credit card receivables financing gives business owners cash immediately based on their day-to-day credit card sales.  Today’s small businesses, like their predecessors, […]

The Best Accounting Methods for Small Businesses: How Do They Work?

Many small business owners possess basic knowledge at best when it comes to accounting. They are generally familiar with basic accounting terms, and they only keep tabs on the most important financial metrics, like cash flow and profitability. What these business owners don’t give much attention to, however, is the accounting method they use. Little […]

Learn about the 15 common invoice factoring mistakes you don't want to make

Invoice Factoring Mistakes: 15 Common Errors You Don’t Want to Make

Does your business struggle with uneven cash flow? If so, you’ve probably looked into invoice factoring. Whether it’s customers who take forever to pay their bills, difficulties meeting payroll obligations, or missed opportunities to bid on bigger jobs because you lack the cash for supplies, invoice factoring offers a fast, flexible, and low-risk solution – […]

Woman business owner at cash register

20 Ways to Smooth Your Small Business Cash Flow

Cash flow issues have long plagued fledgling small business owners and have been identified as one of the key reasons businesses fail. And although a cash flow crisis might seem to suddenly appear, savvy entrepreneurs take steps to protect their small business cash flow early on in their business. Learn about 20 different small business […]

How To Price A Product Or Service: The Ultimate Guide

Pricing is one of the most important decisions for new entrepreneurs. Determining the right price for your products or services requires extensive thought due to the myriad of factors involved. This includes your industry, target market, and of course, your business’s operational expenses. Choosing the wrong price could immediately drive potential customers away or, even […]

How To Find And Bid On Government Contracts For Small Businesses

For many small businesses, the key to growth and stability is signing that one, game-changing deal with a large client. They just have to know where to look for the most lucrative opportunities. Unfortunately, business owners tend to completely disregard a massive source of revenue for smaller businesses. Believe it or not, the United States […]

How Much Do Entrepreneurs Make And How Is Their Salary Calculated?

As much as entrepreneurs love their careers, most would admit that it’s a lot harder than it looks. The life of an entrepreneur differs tremendously from the average employee. It requires many sacrifices, like working tirelessly for very little in return. People tend to associate entrepreneurs with vast wealth. What they don’t know is that […]

Should You Apply For a Business Loan or a Personal Loan?

When businesses hit that inevitable speed bump, they often seek business loans to supplement their lack of cash. But maybe your business hasn’t been open for more than six months, and you might not meet the standard requirements for revenue or cash flow. Much like any other critical business decision, it never hurts to explore […]

What are Credit Card Processing Fees and How Much Do They Cost?

One of the most tedious and unexciting aspects of starting a business is obtaining the basic requirements of a legitimate organization. Notable examples include business cards, a website, and the ability to accept credit card payments. This third example is a crucial step in a business’s development. Accepting credit card payments probably wouldn’t be so […]

How Does Credit Work? The Ultimate Credit Score Guide

Credit plays an increasingly bigger role in your life as you advance your career and reach for more milestones. Think about all the things you might want in the near future. Everything from a house to a business loan to a new cell phone plan. Your ability to access all three would depend on your […]