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Jared Weitz & United Capital Source Featured on

Jared Weitz Shares Advice For New Small Business Employees In New Inc. Piece

The unique environment of a small business can be alarming for someone who has only worked for larger companies. New employees may be so uncomfortable that they start to question whether this is the right place for them. Understanding the advantages of this new dynamic, however, will reveal an amazing opportunity for personal growth that […]

4 Overlooked Ways To Improve Small Business Efficiency

If efficiency wasn’t extremely important for small businesses, there would be nowhere near as many small businesses in existence today. A great deal of companies sell very similar products or services. They cater to similar demographics and are equally accessible. What sets them apart is efficiency; which is one of the key motivators for starting […]

Jared Weitz Reveals The Most Underrated Team Members In New Forbes Piece

Today’s businesses seem to be after the same kind of employee: someone who is passionate, creative, and a born leader. But these aren’t always the hardest working or most dependable employees. In fact, a closer look at your team might show you that the true anchors of your business are more concerned with fulfilling your […]

Jared Weitz Shows Small Business Leaders How To Attract Top Talent In New Forbes Piece

Hiring is often a challenge for small businesses that cannot offer the salaries or perks of their larger competitors. But small businesses can offer an experience and level of attention that candidates will only find at a similarly sized operation. It’s safe to say that are the advantages small business leaders should emphasize when courting […]

Jared Weitz & United Capital Source Featured on

Jared Weitz Explains How To Prevent Unnecessary Employee Anxiety In New Inc Piece

A common dilemma of business leaders is making employees feel just the right amount of anxiety about their work. The goal is to make sure they are aware of short-term goals but are not burdened by unnecessary fear. Establishing this perfect balance is not easy, especially if you are also worried about employees not taking […]

Jared Weitz Explains Why Office Workers Deserve More Respect In New Forbes Piece

Entry to mid-level office jobs are often perceived as “easy” or “average.” But anyone who works in an office will tell you that their jobs are not for the faint of heart. Office-based small businesses are their own jungle where you must fight to keep your job and your sanity. In this new piece for […]

Jared Weitz & United Capital Source Featured on

Jared Weitz Discusses Unique Challenges For Small Business Employees In New Inc. Piece!

Certain advantages of working for a small business can result in several disadvantages that big business employees don’t deal with. Having a smaller team often makes it much more difficult to follow the conventional guidelines of making changes in your career. In this new piece for Inc, UCS CEO Jared Weitz reveals three things big […]

Jared Weitz & United Capital Source Featured on

Jared Weitz Discusses Why Showing Respect To Your Staff Will Help Them Respect You In New Inc. Piece

Respect is a two way street in ordinary life as is it in the work environment. An employer can’t expect any real respect from their staff without giving any in return. In a new piece for, UCS CEO Jared Weitz discusses why it’s so important to show respect to your employees and why they’ll […]

Here’s Why Fast-Growing Small Businesses Aren’t Hiring

The traditional definition of business growth implies an increase in staff. If a company from the previous generation wanted to double its revenue, doubling its staff would have been the most likely route to take. Growing fast meant hiring fast, and an inability to hire at an above average speed indicated an inability to grow. […]

When Hiring Gets Expensive For Your Small Business

The most important investment for small business owners is their team. You can’t grow if you don’t make correct hiring decisions, and it’s safe to say that the risks of hiring the wrong people or failing to find the right people stretch far beyond a little chink in productivity. Research conducted by the Center for […]