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Mobile Marketing: How To Create The Right Strategy For Your Business

Marketing is all about data. The most successful marketers base their strategies on the information they receive about their target audience’s online preferences. This includes the various mediums for advertisements. In which environment do you stand the best chance of catching the eyes of your audience? Many companies have found that their audiences spend much […]

What Are The Best Web Analytics Tools For Small Businesses?

What Are The Best Web Analytics Tools For Small Businesses?

Entrepreneurs often preach about the importance of data. Some of them seem to view data as the “be-all, end-all” of running a small business. You can’t blame them. Before we explain why, we must first establish the kind of data these entrepreneurs are referring to. In this context, data is essentially a synonym for “web […]

17 Free (or Nearly Free) Advertising Strategies for Your Small Business

17 Free (or Nearly Free) Advertising Strategies for Your Small Business

A major element of entrepreneurship is being very careful with your expenses. New entrepreneurs often strive to avoid large expenses unless there is no other choice. This includes their cost of goods sold, labor costs, and of course, advertising. It’s extremely easy to over-spend on advertising, primarily because there’s so many marketing tools and strategies […]

10 Lead Generation Strategies To Try For Your Businesses In 2020

10 Lead Generation Strategies To Try For Your Businesses In 2020

The ultimate goal of a marketing strategy is to acquire new customers. But it’s not the only goal. If this was the case, most strategies would be complete failures. What’s a little easier than turning unsuspecting strangers into paying customers? The answer is turning those strangers into leads, or people who are statistically more likely […]

Writing a Business Proposal: The Step-By-Step Guide

Writing a Business Proposal: The Step-By-Step Guide

B2B and B2C companies share the same general objective: convincing potential customers to give them their business. The specific actions involved in this process, however, differ tremendously between the two. B2C companies usually don’t have to take any actions outside of marketing themselves. There’s no special procedure required for the acquisition of new customers. For […]

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Small Business Marketing: How to Get Noticed by Large Corporations

 Does your small business marketing strategy get the attention of corporate clients? According to American Express’ recent 2019 Survey of Small & Midsize Business Suppliers, those businesses that have corporate contracts expect to grow by at least 50% in the next five years. And over 81% of those businesses that were surveyed expect to increase […]

The Step By Step Guide To Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

The daunting task of marketing a product or service becomes much less intimidating when broken down into two areas: tools and strategy. Many entrepreneurs have revealed that the key to a successful marketing strategy is choosing the right marketing tool to master. Once you know which marketing tool has the highest success rate with your […]

Jared Weitz Explains How To Capitalize On Data In New Forbes Piece

Companies that prioritize data have a major competitive advantage. They can quickly determine which digital strategies aren’t working before they eat up too much money, and see which metrics need the most improvement in order to reach their goals. But far too many companies don’t look at the right numbers, likely because they aren’t aware […]

How To Market A Product Or Service: The Ultimate Guide

Small business owners cannot succeed by relying on the quality of their products or services alone. All the work you put in to perfecting your business model and serving your customers means nothing if you don’t know how to market these products or services as well. Marketing is one of the most challenging aspects of […]

22 Free Tools for Starting and Growing Your Small Business

Some small business owners view the Internet as a blessing, while others view it as more of a curse. Odds are, much of former group attributes their perspective to the incredible amount of free online tools for small businesses. These tools can help you advertise your business, communicate with your team, manage your finances, and […]