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4 Ways Equipment And Furniture Wholesalers Can Improve Cash Flow

Some of the most common business models are recipes for cash flow problems. Unless the business leader makes a consistent effort to ensure the system runs accordingly, complications will naturally arise. Few industries are more familiar with this concept than equipment and furniture wholesalers. Their business model revolves around invoices, which must be sent and […]

Applying Accounts Receivable Factoring To Equipment And Furniture Wholesalers

Life for equipment and furniture wholesalers is a double-edged sword. While recent advancements have made certain elements of their work significantly easier, the industry has simultaneously become increasingly chaotic. One difficulty goes away, only to see another take its place. But wholesalers are no strangers to ups and downs, especially when it comes to cash […]

Accounts Receivable Factoring Defined For Furniture Wholesalers

You may have heard that factoring has a bad reputation. That it’s the small business loan of last resort for failing companies. Well, you aren’t failing. You just need more money right now to boost your furniture wholesale business. More money than you have on hand. Should you pursue accounts receivable factoring?