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3 Potential Culprits For Your Wholesale Business’s Cash Flow Problems

When most businesses experience cash flow problems, the instinctual reaction is to focus on increasing sales. This seems logical, since the issue is rooted in the absence of cash and more sales should bring in more money to fill in the gap. But in the wholesale industry, insufficient revenue is far from the only potential […]

3 Possible Reasons Your Invoices Are Not Being Paid On Time

For many industries, late invoices are easily the most annoying and hazardous parts of the job. It often seems like there’s literally nothing you can do to ensure that all of your future clients/customers send payments on time. As luck would have it, a great deal of businesses that revolve around invoices are naturally prone […]

4 Most Important Financial Documents For Your Small Business

One universal sign of a responsible small business owner is a perpetual awareness of the business’s financial health. Responsible (and more likely than not, successful) business owners determine what’s working and what’s not by regularly examining a series of financial statements or accounting reports. Maintaining this habit also allows them to keep their records updated […]

When To Go With A Business Term Loan For Your Construction Company

The evolution of the business financing industry has turned several types of small business loans that previously weren’t as popular into household names. These programs tend to be the specialties of the newest and most innovative business financing companies in the industry. Examples include the merchant cash advance, which is a specialty of United Capital […]

How To Use Working Capital Loans For Your Wholesale Business

Anyone who is new to business lending might be confused when a company like United Capital Source claims to offer “long-term” solutions. This refers to the complete opposite of what most other business lenders do. They essentially put a band-aid on a broken limb. For businesses that are naturally prone to various cash flow problems, […]

Applying Accounts Receivable Factoring To Equipment And Furniture Wholesalers

Life for equipment and furniture wholesalers is a double-edged sword. While recent advancements have made certain elements of their work significantly easier, the industry has simultaneously become increasingly chaotic. One difficulty goes away, only to see another take its place. But wholesalers are no strangers to ups and downs, especially when it comes to cash […]

Investments That Wholesalers Should Not Turn Down

The wholesale industry has gotten easier and harder over the past decade or so. While there are now more gateways for success and expansion, gaining access to these gateways is no easy task. Expenses are often tied up in the need to maintain and stabilize inventory along with the various other measures wholesalers must take to attract customers. The key is to always be able to take advantage of growth opportunities and not having to postpone crucial steps solely because you can’t afford to take them during a certain time of the year.