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Credit Card Factoring: When Your Business Needs Cash NOW

There are times when your business needs cash immediately. Like now. Not in 30 days. NOW.

Business Line Of Credit Or Merchant Cash Advance: Which Is Better For Your Medical Spa?

Owning a medical spa is a highly rewarding experience. Each day is another new opportunity to help make others look and feel great. But, it costs a great deal of money to keep a high quality medical spa open to the public. Between government and health regulations, medical malpractice and liability insurance, and the demands from customers to keep adding new services ­– a medical spa requires a constant source of income to keep things running smoothly. Making good financial decisions is a huge part of staying in business. Is your medical spa in need of a business cash flow makeover? Might a business loan for medical practices help?

How Merchant Cash Advances Can Help Your Cash Flow

Here at United Capital Source, we work with all kinds of small business owners in all types of industries. One of the most common reasons they come to us for lending help is inadequate cash flow. They’ve made the right call coming to us, though. Because small business loans such as a merchant cash advance can relieve the stress of cash problems – the financial stress and the personal stress.

Benefits Of Merchant Cash Advances For Hotels/Motels

It’s tough work being a hotelier. You have to juggle so many details and so many different types of staff, even if you don’t have a restaurant component. Everything has to be perfect for your guests. You’re always “on,” with a big smile and accommodating attitude. Regardless, some guests are just plain difficult. But the biggest challenge of all is often finances. So you have to be an expert on small business loans, too.

Complete Guide To Merchant Cash Advances For Your Restaurant

Being in the restaurant business is no easy feat. There’s competition everywhere, and regulations make it increasingly difficult to keep the doors open. But when the restaurant is packed with loyal patrons and the air is filled with culinary delights, there’s nothing else like it in the world.

Merchant Cash Advance Predictions For 2017

Small business owners eagerly anticipate the start of each New Year. Not only is it a great opportunity to reflect on the past year, but it can also be a time for setting strategic goals and making positive changes that can impact the success of the business. One of the primary areas that all small business owners ponder is in terms of their merchant finances. Whether a small business loan has supported the business or alternative business funding such as a merchant cash advance has played a big role, it’s important to know what may be happening in the near future.

What’s A Merchant Cash Advance And How Can It Benefit Your Small Business?

Wondering how you can increase your business cash flow, without putting your business assets at risk? Maybe you’ve never before explored the possibility of taking out a merchant cash advance for your small business, because, well…you didn’t think you’d qualify? Or you are not exactly sure how this type of lending program works?

5 Benefits Of Merchant Cash Advance For Florists

Everyone loves the sight and scents of lovely floral arrangements. When expertly arranged by a local florist, flowers can make any occasion memorable for years to come. Florists and flower shop owners often rely on small business loans and other forms of working capital to maintain their busy operations. Behind the scenes, it takes a tremendous amount of hard work, creativity, and financial resources.

Business Line Of Credit Or Merchant Cash Advance: Which Is Better For Your Dermatology Practice?

We live in a world that’s obsessed with beauty and staying young. Businesses that cater to skincare and dermatology practices have the ultimate opportunity to become very profitable, with the right kinds of small business loans and other financing.

Benefits Of Merchant Cash Advance For Liquor Stores

Enjoying ‘spirits’ is a popular past-time, and it’s good business too. In the United States alone, there are nearly 43 thousand liquor stores generating $45.5 trillion dollars in annual sales, based on 2016 data from Statistic Brain. Many of these liquor stores are privately owned and operated by small business owners. In some communities, larger wholesale liquor and wine retailers have moved in, making the market highly competitive.