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4 Ways Working Capital Loans Can Prepare Your Retail Store For The Holidays

For many retailers, the busiest time of the year is the holiday season. Busy periods are all about preparation. The more time you spend preparing for a surge in demand and the resulting curve balls, the higher the likelihood of a strong performance. This is why some of the most successful retailers begin preparing for […]

Choosing Between A Merchant Cash Advance Or Business Line Of Credit For Your Hotel

A big reason hotels are so difficult to run is the myriad internal and external factors that can effect their finances. Most of these factors are out of the hotel’s control and don’t get any easier to avoid year after year. Negative reviews, unpredictable weather, changes in demand, and broken facilities are just a few […]

3 Universal Obstacles You Can Overcome With Small Business Loans

A frequently emphasized advantage of working with an alternative business lender (as opposed to a bank) is the availability of “long-term” solutions. This refers to small business loans that do not attempt to put a band-aid on a broken limb. Instead, the business lender works closely with the client to improve his or her business […]

Have You Been Declined By Square Capital?

Since entering the business lending industry in 2014, Square Capital has become a popular financing tool for small businesses. This isn’t much of a surprise when you consider the rapid rise of other online business lenders. Much like Kabbage and PayPal, Square Capital offers just one program: the Square Capital Flex Loan. Despite the flashy […]

3 Questions To Ask Before Taking Out A Small Business Loan For Your Liquor Store

For many industries, the appropriate time to take out small business loans isn’t exactly clear. You are constantly faced with unforeseen expenses, lucrative opportunities, and changes in demand. One example is liquor stores, which are stereotyped as risky business ventures due to the aforementioned variables. Much like restaurants, the failure rate of liquor stores suggests […]

3 Major Problems With The Small Business Loan Requirements Of Banks

The emergence of alternative business lending was largely the result of a single discovery. You see, since the requirements for small business loans had gone unchallenged for so long, people assumed they were absolutely necessary. Not just for being approved, but for the logistics of paying back a loan. This assumes that banks only imposed […]

Restaurant Business Loans For Unconventional Business Problems

The restaurant industry’s risky reputation stems from the countless ways in which a restaurant can fail. So much can go wrong at any time. Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s not. But regardless of who’s to blame, misfortune doesn’t always have to spell failure. As long as an otherwise thriving restaurant steers clear of just […]

5 Things Construction Contractors Need To Know About Small Business Loans

The increasing popularity of alternative business lenders is largely attributed to their ability to accommodate unusual cash flow situations. Market fluctuations, unforeseen expenses, and hectic daily schedules no longer have to stop you from accessing advantageous small business loans. But companies like United Capital Source still have a long way to go until our strategies […]

Working Capital Loans For The New Cash Flow Of Doctor’s Offices

Managing cash flow has become significantly harder for doctors over the past few years. Insurance companies are no longer footing the majority of the bill for common services. This responsibility now belongs to patients, who aren’t always known to pay in a timely manner. Then there’s the need for new technology, in regards to both […]

What’s The Difference Between Equipment Leasing And Equipment Financing?

A common dilemma for small businesses is needing new equipment but not having enough cash to buy it. This leaves you with two options: equipment leasing and equipment financing. Before explaining the differences between the two, let’s re-define the second term so it is easier to understand. Equipment financing is simply another way to refer […]