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Should You Take Out A Revenue Based Business Loan Or Merchant Cash Advance?

Alternative business financing companies offer various types of business funding programs to suit the needs of various types of businesses. Each option presents different advantages and disadvantages. But having so many options to choose from can be confusing. And some of them seem very similar at first, making it difficult to decide which one is […]

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Restaurant Business Loans

You’ve done your research and concluded that, just as you expected but were afraid to admit, your restaurant could really use a small business loan. Other restaurants similar to yours are clearly evolving. Some have expanded their menus, added physical space, or launched delivery services for customers don’t feel like venturing into the crowded streets. […]

Introducing Merchant Cash Advances To Your Gas Station And Convenience Store

About an hour into your long drive home, you realize two things: Your car needs fuel and so do you. Human fuel, that is. Thankfully, you’re on a busy highway, which means you are bound to run into several gas stations just a few miles ahead. So, which one do you visit? Pondering this question […]

3 Things Medical Practices Need To Know About Today’s Small Business Loans

Most medical professionals are not business experts. Many of them run their own businesses, but that’s not why they entered the medical profession. They wanted to help people, as opposed to, say, grow a small business. When their practice first opened, there was likely no concrete plan to increase its size by a certain degree, […]

3 Advantages Of Using A Merchant Cash Advance For Your Auto Repair Shop 

If you were asked to name a business that does a lot of credit or debit card sales, your first answer would likely be a restaurant or retail store. These businesses conduct many sales on a daily basis, and would therefore be perfect candidates for a merchant cash advance. This is a type of working […]

Which Is Best For My Retail Store: Business Line of Credit Or Merchant Cash Advance?

Traditional business lenders are notorious for discriminating against certain industries for different reasons. Applicants for small business loans are frequently rejected solely because of the unique challenges of their industries. These challenges have led to otherwise thriving industries being unfairly stereotyped as “risky” or “low-growth.” One example is retail, which presents a host of different […]

3 Reasons Your Dental Practice Could Use A Merchant Cash Advance In 2018

The relationship between dentists and their patients has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. And this is a good thing. In the past, you could argue that there was no connection between the two parties at all. Dentists steered clear of the strategies that more conventional businesses used to keep customers and attract […]

Credit Card Factoring: When Your Business Needs Cash NOW

There are times when your business needs cash immediately. Like now. Not in 30 days. NOW.

Business Line Of Credit Or Merchant Cash Advance: Which Is Better For Your Medical Spa?

Owning a medical spa is a highly rewarding experience. Each day is another new opportunity to help make others look and feel great. But, it costs a great deal of money to keep a high quality medical spa open to the public. Between government and health regulations, medical malpractice and liability insurance, and the demands from customers to keep adding new services ­– a medical spa requires a constant source of income to keep things running smoothly. Making good financial decisions is a huge part of staying in business. Is your medical spa in need of a business cash flow makeover? Might a business loan for medical practices help?

How Merchant Cash Advances Can Help Your Cash Flow

Here at United Capital Source, we work with all kinds of small business owners in all types of industries. One of the most common reasons they come to us for lending help is inadequate cash flow. They’ve made the right call coming to us, though. Because small business loans such as a merchant cash advance can relieve the stress of cash problems – the financial stress and the personal stress.