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4 Ways To Avoid Getting Into Too Much Small Business Debt

One of the hardest parts of running a small business is managing debt. When entrepreneurs talk about their struggles with “finances” or “cash flow,” they are usually referring to debt-related predicaments. Every thriving small business is encouraged to maintain just the right amount of debt, since taking on too much debt in an attempt to […]

3 Most Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Small Business Loan

It’s often said that the hardest part about taking out a small business loan is not paying it back but preparing for funding. This refers to the myriad measures applicants must take to ensure they are approved for the amount and terms they need to grow. One such measure is figuring out which type of […]

How To Qualify For A Small Business Loan

The quest for a small business loan begins with a question: Which type of small business loan is right for you? Your answer will have two parts: a certain product from a certain business lender. Let’s start with the first part, since it’s much easier to choose a product that seems appropriate than a business […]

3 Universal Obstacles You Can Overcome With Small Business Loans

A frequently emphasized advantage of working with an alternative business lender (as opposed to a bank) is the availability of “long-term” solutions. This refers to small business loans that do not attempt to put a band-aid on a broken limb. Instead, the business lender works closely with the client to improve his or her business […]

3 Major Problems With The Small Business Loan Requirements Of Banks

The emergence of alternative business lending was largely the result of a single discovery. You see, since the requirements for small business loans had gone unchallenged for so long, people assumed they were absolutely necessary. Not just for being approved, but for the logistics of paying back a loan. This assumes that banks only imposed […]

Restaurant Business Loans For Unconventional Business Problems

The restaurant industry’s risky reputation stems from the countless ways in which a restaurant can fail. So much can go wrong at any time. Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s not. But regardless of who’s to blame, misfortune doesn’t always have to spell failure. As long as an otherwise thriving restaurant steers clear of just […]

5 Key Differences Between Business Term Loans And Working Capital Loans

One of the earliest steps on the journey for additional business funding is exploring all of your options. Potential borrowers should determine which types of small business loans have traditionally worked best for their industries. Nowadays, however, the answer isn’t so clear-cut. You might have gotten wind of your competitors finding success with a variety […]

Why You Should Pursue Working Capital Loans Before Expanding Your Retail Store

Retail is one of several industries that is often stereotyped as being difficult to grow. Banks have traditionally been less-than-generous to retailers looking for business loans. While this stereotype is undeniably unfair and unwarranted, there is some truth to the notion that retail stores are increasingly likely to run into trouble as they expand. Radio […]

Should You Take Out A Revenue Based Business Loan Or Merchant Cash Advance?

Alternative business financing companies offer various types of business funding programs to suit the needs of various types of businesses. Each option presents different advantages and disadvantages. But having so many options to choose from can be confusing. And some of them seem very similar at first, making it difficult to decide which one is […]

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Restaurant Business Loans

You’ve done your research and concluded that, just as you expected but were afraid to admit, your restaurant could really use a small business loan. Other restaurants similar to yours are clearly evolving. Some have expanded their menus, added physical space, or launched delivery services for customers don’t feel like venturing into the crowded streets. […]