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4 Overlooked Factors That Play A Huge Role In Your Approval For An SBA Loan

The general requirements for an SBA Loan from a bank are relatively universal. Virtually every business owner knows you need to have a perfect credit score, high revenue, strong profitability, at least two years in business, and the ability to provide collateral. These requirements are basically common sense to anyone who has done just a […]

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bank Loans

A Google search about small business loans from banks will yield countless articles about what you need to qualify. Odds are, this is mostly information you already know. You know you need strong cash flow, a flawless personal credit score, collateral, a business plan, etc. It’s safe to say that most previous bank loan applicants […]

3 Tips For Young Businesses Considering Small Business Loans

One of the many differences between banks and alternative business lenders is that the latter doesn’t only work with well-established businesses. At United Capital Source, we fund businesses that have been open for a mere six months, compared to a year for most other online lenders. Business lenders do this so they can work with […]

Have You Been Declined For An SBA Loan? Here’s What To Do

The Small Business Administration has repeatedly vowed to help more small businesses succeed. But in 2018, it can be argued that obtaining an SBA business loan is no easier than it was decades ago. This isn’t too much of a surprise considering SBA Loans are accessed through banks, which currently reject about 80% of applications […]

Why You Should Pursue Working Capital Loans Before Expanding Your Retail Store

Retail is one of several industries that is often stereotyped as being difficult to grow. Banks have traditionally been less-than-generous to retailers looking for business loans. While this stereotype is undeniably unfair and unwarranted, there is some truth to the notion that retail stores are increasingly likely to run into trouble as they expand. Radio […]

3 Differences Between Traditional And Marketplace SBA Loans

SBA Loans are among the most popular small business loans on the market. Everyone from Ace Hardware To Maui Brewing Company has reportedly used SBA Loans to move forward with vital, growth-related initiatives and investments. While traditional SBA Loans can certainly be very advantageous, they only work for certain types of businesses in certain types […]

8 Pitfalls Of SBA Loans

The term “SBA loans” is so common, many people think the Small Business Administration is a lender. Not so. The SBA is a federal government agency. Their job is to help small businesses across the country. One of the ways they help is by providing back-up support for small business loan applications. That backing, sometimes called a guarantee, can boost your company’s chances for approval.

UCS now offers SBA Loans

United Capital Source Partners to Offer SBA Marketplace Loans

United Capital Source Partners to Offer SBA Marketplace Loans Low interest rates and fast turn-around time make the perfect SBA loan option New York, NY, MAY 10, 2016 —United Capital Source (UCS), a leading small business funding organization, announced its ability to offer Small Business Administration (SBA) loans with interest rates at 6.25% – 7.25% […]