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Important Takeaways From US Chamber Of Commerce’s Small Business Index

About three months ago, the US Chamber of Commerce and MetLife released their Small Business Index. This quarterly survey contains self-reported answers from 1,000 small business owners across the US. The first paragraph states that approximately 70% of small business owners “have a positive outlook about their company” and the small business world in general. […]

3 Possible Reasons Your Invoices Are Not Being Paid On Time

For many industries, late invoices are easily the most annoying and hazardous parts of the job. It often seems like there’s literally nothing you can do to ensure that all of your future clients/customers send payments on time. As luck would have it, a great deal of businesses that revolve around invoices are naturally prone […]

3 Best Types Of Small Business Loans For Covering Payroll

Small business owners are consistently urged to monitor their finances to avoid cash flow crunches. But sometimes, you have little if no control over the time it takes for cash to flow in and out of your business. You might find that cash is flowing out a lot quicker than it is flowing in. This […]

3 Reasons To Consider Working Capital Loans For Your Construction Company

The current state of the construction industry proves an interesting theory about growth. Even though construction spending has increased over the past few years, costs have increased for construction contractors as well. It seems that certain industry-wide challenges will simply never disappear, while new challenges have emerged from rising standards and demands. There might be […]

3 Hidden Differences Between Young And Established Small Businesses

When small business leaders think about growing their operations, they often ask themselves this question: What separates the men from the boys? In other words, they consider what more established businesses in their industry have that they want. This doesn’t just refer to common sense answers like more employees or more clients. It’s safe to […]

4 Dangerous Business Mistakes You Can Avoid With Small Business Loans

Business owners who are contemplating whether or not to pursue small business loans are often encouraged to ask themselves a number of questions. The point of this is to consider the alternative: What would happen if you chose not to apply? It’s easy to answer this question when you are taking out a small business […]

4 Ways To Avoid Getting Into Too Much Small Business Debt

One of the hardest parts of running a small business is managing debt. When entrepreneurs talk about their struggles with “finances” or “cash flow,” they are usually referring to debt-related predicaments. Every thriving small business is encouraged to maintain just the right amount of debt, since taking on too much debt in an attempt to […]

Navigating Equipment Financing For Your Medical Practice

Very few industries are immune to seasonality. This includes medical practices, which go through busy and slow periods just like any other small business. For most doctor’s offices, August is their busiest time of the year. But once the average medical patient completes a scheduled check-up, he or she is not likely to return anytime […]

Which Type Of Working Capital Loan Should You Choose For Your Restaurant?

For many restaurants, the summer is their busy season. Customer activity reaches its annual peak, giving you the chance to make the most out of this increased interest. Like any experienced restaurateur, you understood that the busy season can quickly go from a blessing into a curse without sufficient preparation. And prepare you did. You […]

3 Most Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Small Business Loan

It’s often said that the hardest part about taking out a small business loan is not paying it back but preparing for funding. This refers to the myriad measures applicants must take to ensure they are approved for the amount and terms they need to grow. One such measure is figuring out which type of […]