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If your business owns real estate and one or more of the business owners also have real estate mortgage loans in their own name, you may be paying too much interest! Don’t worry, United Capital Source has a real estate business loan solution to assist you.

United Capital Source has experience with businesses which own their real estate and can advise on the best small business loans compared to commercial property loans with offset facilities. In certain situations, small businesses can own real estate in their personal names or jointly with spouses or partners yet the business shareholdings are different. Many motels, hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation businesses fall into this category. This can result in different loans being held for both personal and business reasons – which can often lead to higher interest rates being paid across separate loan structures.

United Capital Source has experience in structuring real estate loans for small businesses. For example, one of United Capital Source happy customers operates a seasonal restaurant that opens in the Summer & Fall for 4-5 months a year. Our client was paying an annual interest rate on her real estate payments which United Capital Source restructured to reduce monthly payments – smoothing out cash-flow and lowering the interest payments each month when the restaurant was closed.

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We will help you grow
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