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Dave, the man who started as a limo driver and worked his way up to running his own car service is a big part of his community. Weddings? Call Dave. Prom Time? Call Dave. But his business had gotten so popular that limos were in short supply. Buying additional cars meant coughing up cash, and it was an expense that he wasn’t prepared for at that point in the year. His bank was the first logical option, but they turned him down cold.

And so Dave went off in search of referrals from friends, which eventually led him to United Capital Source. (That referral earned one of our clients a cash bonus!). After a quick approval and disbursement of capital, Dave added a few more cars to the fleet. It was just another day’s work for our team, but little did we know that we had indirectly saved prom for a few kids, who had originally been told there were no more cars left.

Exciting? Yes! The most rewarding part of our job is hearing about our clients’ success and the difference it made!

We will help you grow
your small business.

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