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Here’s a story you’ve probably heard before: A small business owner wants to grow but isn’t sure how. He or she then consults a highly successful expert in the industry for advice. The expert has made a fortune but never seems to work as hard as you would expect. How is this possible? The answer is revealed in the meeting with the business owner: bigger clients.

Countless businesses work too hard for too little money. Their clients are of the low-paying variety, so even though it takes a tremendous amount of work to make a single sale, the reward is not at all ancillary to the cost of the labor. But when you target bigger, better-paying clients, you get paid much more despite doing the same if not less work.

This concept is very evident in the real estate industry, where a broker can earn more selling apartments to corporate clients than selling entire homes to families. Such clients, however, won’t just come to anyone.


It’s not like you don’t know how to do the work. There are many reasons why you aren’t scoring deals with bigger clients but a lack of the necessary know-how likely isn’t one of them. Maybe you’re just not on their radar. Maybe you can’t afford to wait for bigger clients and are instead focused on getting paid as quickly as possible. Either way, the first step to attracting the interest of the right people is accepting that it comes with a cost. Growing your business is an investment, one that promises returns far beyond a nice payday.

Looking at bigger clients as an investment will help you understand the need for additional funding, preferably from someone who knows what kind of expenses are associated with initiatives of this nature and how they differ from more traditional paths to expansion. That someone is an alternative business financing company capable of approving and distributing myriad variations of unsecured business loans on short notice. No matter what obstacle is preventing you from connecting with bigger clients, companies like United Capital Source can conquer it by giving you the right terms as well as the proper time and resources to make your repayment process stress-free.


Big businesses are notoriously slow in many aspects. It takes time to get the right people on the phone, close a deal, process an invoice, and distribute payment. Most smaller companies don’t have the funds to waste time with such courtships, especially those with unstable cash flow thanks to unpaid accounts. But with accounts receivable factoring, that waiting period would decrease from 60 days to right away. You get paid almost immediately after a deal is signed, minus a small percentage of the amount that goes to your business lender, or your “factor.” This allows you to not only sign any deal regardless of the expected waiting period but also entice bigger clients with more convenient terms.

You can extend more credit than your competitors and be more selective with whom you do business with. Having a stable budget makes you less desperate for accounts, giving you the ability to gradually purge your client list of uneducated businesses that charge unfairly low rates and clearly do not understand the value of the partnership.


If working around their terms wasn’t enticing enough, you can use small business loans to give clients at least one other thing they can’t find anywhere else. During the courtship process, it’s common to hear companies claim that they will work harder and spend more time on their potential client than their competitors. Imagine what it would be like to actually have the means to fulfill this promise. Clients of United Capital Source know exactly what this is like because they were able to take on larger or multiple projects without having to worry about covering regular business expenses simultaneously.

Credit card processing loans are perfect for lucrative opportunities in which the business does not get paid for several months. With this type of working capital loan, you can acquire all the resources for the project (bigger team, better equipment, more time, etc) and not have to pay off the majority of the debt until you get paid and start making more sales. Credit card processing loans are so easy to pay back that UCS is able to approve them during or leading into slower periods, when your competitors and other clients are less busy.


You might be wondering how you’re supposed to take your business new heights after working with just one big client. After your first phone call with UCS, you’ll discover that we don’t design our small business loans for short-term success. We will help you develop a budget that positions you for further growth once your loan has been paid back in full, and as long as your payments were made without trouble, you will likely become eligible for another round of funding.

Every time a client that is higher up on the food chain comes your way, we will be there to ensure you do not disappoint, even if this happens shortly after you’ve made your last payment. We are prepared to distribute multiple or cyclical rounds of funding for years to come, because just like you, our success is based on the size of our clients!

We will help you grow
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