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We finance businesses of all shapes and sizes but restaurants seem to be the face of the Merchant Cash Advance industry. That’s not an accident because they’re one of our personal favorites to work with. So while we approve them with ease, the rest of the banking sector watches idly by with incredulity.

The food service industry isn’t exactly well-liked by investors or underwriters, and yet most of them don’t dare discuss it publicly. According to a recent article in the New York Times, one venture capitalist comes right out and says what a lot of bankers are really thinking: “Anyone who says they like to invest in restaurants is probably not a great investor.” These are powerful words that should be heeded by small businesses that believe waiting 3 months for a decision on their loan application is going to produce an approval. The odds are instead very much stacked against them, regardless of how impressive their credit score might be.

Meanwhile, alternative lenders such as ourselves have experienced great success with restaurants for years. We believe that it is downright reckless to disregard an entire industry, especially one that is so instrumental to job creation in the United States.

Anyone can advertise loans and financing. Banks do it all the time. But if your goal is to actually receive financing and use the funds to grow, your best bet is to choose investors that believe in you. Investing in America’s restaurants is a solid bet and we believe it 100%!

We will help you grow
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