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If you’re a movie fan like me, it’s been a great week for the movie business. Or should I say, the business of movie franchises.

Franchises across America employ millions of workers and contribute billions to the economy. When we typically think of franchises in business, most people’s thoughts turn to fast service food chains and branded stores in local malls. United Capital Source has provided hundreds of franchises with small business loans and proud to be contributing to the economic growth of this important industry.

We may not instinctively think of movies as a franchise yet this past weekend, the new Star Wars movie broke the record for the biggest box office debut weekend globally with tickets sales of $529 million. The 7th film in this blockbuster movie franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens shows the power of a franchise business.

Some of the sayings and anecdotes in Star Wars have even become part of everyday business speak. ‘Going to the dark side’ is often referred to in business discussions, an analogy of how Darth Vader went to the dark side of the Jedi. Fans of the Star Wars films know all too well that Anakin Skywalker (Luke Skywalker’s father) was once a Jedi Knight before succumbing to the ‘dark side’ and putting on the iconic black mask!

In business, it is important to be able to recognize the ‘dark side’ in your business. Perhaps it is a dissatisfied customer, an unreliable supplier or vendor who does not pay invoices on time. In many cases, it is the fear of cashflow shortages and other factors being outside of your control which drives businesses to apply for business funding.

As busy business people look to decompress after a hard day or intense week at the office, serving customers or managing staff, a movie is the perfect tonic. Movies allow us to reflect on our own circumstances by vicariously viewing other situations.

Being located in New York City and working in the fast paced world of business finance, we know a little about Wall Street, the most iconic business movie of all time. We draw a distinction between small business funding and trading listed stocks yet the movie starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen, is a lesson for everyone about the value of hard work and being honest. The penultimate business movie provides us with a classic quote that business people should remember:

smll business loans

At United Capital Source, our team of business loan specialists are always prudent in their approach, making sure that our clients are only applying for business loans for the amount that their business cashflow can support in repayments.

The strong bond and partnership that Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. have in the film Jerry McGuire is how we at United Capital Source like to think of ourselves in business with our clients. We all have our favorite lines in movies and Tom Cruise’s plea to Cuba Gooding Jr. for him to “help me help you” encapsulates the spirit we embrace in how we aim to work with clients. We strive for a consultative business approach and speak in plain English to our business customers. We look to form partnerships that last and work towards your and our mutual development and success.

Over the holiday season, you’ll be most likely spending time reflecting on your business as you share a movie with your wife, partner, children and friends.

We’d like to help you avoid characters like Darth Vader, Gordon Gecko, Bud Fox and subscribe to the “show me the money!” mantra in Jerry McGuire.

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