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There are many common myths of small business lending as detailed in a recent article. There is also a general popular belief that small businesses find financing confusing. Not so.

Another common myth is that small businesses are so busy serving customers and managing staff, stocking shelves or staying up late bookkeeping that they don’t have time to understand finance. Not so.

Findings from the 2015 Small Business Funding Insights Survey show that 73% of small businesses rated their knowledge of small business loans as above average.

While many crowdsourcing lending platforms provide easier access to capital than previously they are not necessarily saving small business time. At United Capital Source, we serve hundreds of niche industries with small business loans and it can be often faster to speak with and respect the knowledge that small business owners have about their finances. After all, with most small businesses using online accounting software, running financial business reports are a push of the button and email away from being sent to financial managers.

We will help you grow
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