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United Capital Source’s #1 goal is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on delivering a great client experience. Below is a recent success story from one of our clients.


Andrew Van Horn, restaurant/café owner


The café’s bank statements had started to run red. Too many past catering jobs hadn’t yet paid up, and the daily cash needs to buy food and pay staff hadn’t changed. Andrew’s cash flow was running extremely tight. Time was not his friend.

He also needed a restaurant business loan to get current with some of the café’s outstanding invoices and to buy some new equipment for the restaurant. Mostly, he needed the operating cash fast. USC account exec George describes their circumstances, “This was truly a situation where if they didn’t get the funds, they would have had to close up shop until they had money to operate.”


UCS was able to improve Andrew’s financial situations in a number of ways. First, it took only a weekend to get Andrew his money. No closures or gap in operations for the café. Even better, George took Andrew through a complete overhaul of his finances so the café could best use the funds to grow, not just fill in a cash flow gap.

George got the café set up with a new credit card processorcutting Andrew’s credit card processing fees by 40%. That’s earned money staying in the business. This new credit card processor also batched their receivables faster, getting Andrew the café’s money faster.


Bad experiences with banks and other online business lenders had left Andrew with a bad taste. But George opened up a relationship based on respect for Andrew and what he’s trying to build. The café quickly got the business funding it needed to keep the doors open, and practical assistance improving its financial operations that will continue to benefit Andrew’s café long into the future.

George looks forward to seeing how Andrew continues to grow his restaurant, “We built a solid relationship on our first small business loan together and will be working together for many years to come. We set him on the right path so he could stop dealing with the nuisances of the business aspect of running a restaurant and focus solely on his product.”


Having received numerous robo-calls from so-called business lenders I was extremely skeptical, but my experience with George made me a believer. Started the process on Friday afternoon and the money was in the bank on Tuesday. The process was fast and simple with a minimum of paperwork. Banks make you beg for money and speak down to you, George made you feel like your uncle was lending you the money. United Capital is now a business partner!”

At United Capital Source, we have provided over $500 million of small business loans to thousands of businesses from a wide range of industries. As banks continue to make it difficult for businesses to source business funding quickly, we provide you with the cash you need to operate your business.

We will help you grow
your small business.

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