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United Capital Source’s #1 goal is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on delivering a great client experience. Below is a recent success story from one of our clients.


Christopher Jones, construction contractor


Christopher was looking for some extra working capital to repair some equipment and hire more workers for larger projects that his company was starting to take on. He was sitting on some open accounts receivables to come in on existing jobs, so Chris needed some additional cash to keep things on schedule.

Christopher’s biggest challenges were qualifying for the full amount he needed to succeed on these new larger projects, and just being available to get a loan package put together. Like so many small business owners, Christopher was knee deep in the day-to-day, always on a job site. It was difficult for him to carve out the time to do the things needed to maintain or grow his business.


To get a deal done, Craig Gallo, his UCS account exec, was ready to meet Christopher where he was. Craig describes how this helped them work together, “We would usually do a lot of the discussing of details after hours and I remember even going over the program with him while I was home cooking dinner. He was doing the same, so we both respected each other’s work ethic.”


Christopher got the full amount of funding he needed on a schedule that worked for his growing business. He and Craig have worked together on subsequent small business loans as his business has continued to expand. Craig likes to “touch base so I can see how the company has grown since the last few rounds of funding.”


“Great customer service. Craig was awesomeHe was quick to respond to us and was always available to answer questions. He was very patient with us. We looked at one other company who offered us about the same deal however their representative was pushy and rude.”

At United Capital Source, we have provided over $600 million of small business loans to thousands of businesses from a wide range of industries. As banks continue to make it difficult for businesses to source business funding quickly, we provide you with the cash you need to operate your business.

We will help you grow
your small business.

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