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United Capital Source’s #1 goal is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on delivering a great client experience. Below is a recent success story from one of our clients.


Joe Dziurman, owner of a contracting and landscaping business


Like so many small businesses in the construction/landscaping industry, Joe’s stone and landscaping company operates under very inconsistent cash flow. Contracts don’t get paid until the work is done, but Joe needs to pay workers as they do the work. This cycle often results in a cash squeeze. So Joe was already an experienced merchant familiar with the small business loan process when he called UCS.

Joe needed some extra working capital to cover the labor and materials costs for a new project. Unfortunately, he already had an outstanding small business loan that made getting additional funding difficult, especially on repayment terms that wouldn’t crush his business.


UCS, through account exec Bryan Rabanal, was able to get Joe an unsecured business loan to bridge the gap between pay periods. Many business lenders won’t take second position behind a pre-existing loan. Yet Bryan was able to offer Joe some different options. Bryan says, “I was transparent with all the costs, fees, and terms of the second position loan which is usually a program that provided a shorter term and less capital since 2nd position business loans are seen as a more risky proposition.”


But Bryan and Joe made it work. They clearly laid out exactly how much working capital Joe needed and what type of daily payments he’d be comfortable seeing. The pair established a very straight forward way of working together, aiming for the same goal. Joe has now done business multiple times with Bryan and UCS, and he actively keeps UCS involved with all of his business financing needs.


Bryan R. was phenomenal. Everything went very smoothly. Bryan worked every detail out and gave me simple options to choose a program.”

We will help you grow
your small business.

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