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United Capital Source’s #1 goal is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on delivering a great client experience. Below is a recent success story from one of our clients.


Richard Sitts, owner of concrete & remodeling company


The best young businesses have a lot of opportunity, but are often short on cash. When Richard started his concrete and remodeling business, it was no different. He initially needed short term business funding to get trucks and equipment so he could expand his company’s workload. A short operating history and credit worthiness were Richard’s early obstacles.

As Richard’s construction business has grown, he’s experienced the typical cash flow challenges construction contractors experience, due to the long receivables cycles. So his main funding need now is finding working capital for day-to-day operating expenses, like materials and labor.


Despite having a short operating history and less than stellar credit, UCS account exec Danielle Rivelli was able to start Richard off with a small funding amount. That was in 2014. Richard has completed five more working capital loans with Danielle, each one larger – but with more advantageous terms – than the last.With each round of funding, Richard built up a strong payment history, which improved his credit. He was also able to grow his business to the point it was no longer a “new” business, but had a reliable, established operating history.

Danielle credits Richard’s upfront and honest approach to being able to use small business loan financing wisely and well. She says, “Straightforward relationships always work out the best in the business world because trust and time are important in getting a business financing program done the right way so that it actually helps the business rather than hinder it.”


Richard’s most recent small business loan package was for $150,000. Enough to invest in even more equipment to finance his construction company’s newest expansion. Danielle explains she “takes a lot of pride in helping his business from its very early stages from where they only qualified for a smaller loan amount to be qualified for a six figure business loan. This makes me happy about what I do: help American small business grow and succeed!”


Danielle was very helpful finding short term cash flow business lending for my business in the construction field. To this day we still work together with business lending, she is always very fast and efficient in finding the best rates and terms for loans. I would highly recommend Danielle and United Capital for your business needs.”

At United Capital Source, we have provided over $600 million of small business loans to thousands of businesses from a wide range of industries. As banks continue to make it difficult for businesses to source business funding quickly, we provide you with the cash you need to operate your business.

We will help you grow
your small business.

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