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United Capital Source’s #1 goal is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on delivering a great client experience. Below is a recent success story from one of our clients.


Ron Tootle, owner of a butcher shop


There’s no sugar-coating it. Ron was in a bad spot. His butcher shop was facing multiple overdrafts and negative balances in his bank statements. These are the sorts of issues that make underwriters nervous, making it extremely hard to get working capital loans because it sends the message there’s a low chance of getting paid back.

But Ron needed funding to cover his day-to-day cash flow and provide working capital for future projects.


With some patience on Ron’s part and creative thinking from Craig Gallo, his UCS account executive, Ron got his funding and kept his business open. “I helped the shop switch its credit card processing company,” said Craig, “to one where we could implement split processing to get around the negative bank statement balances. In doing so, I was able to save them on their monthly processing fees as well helping to free up additional cash flow.”

Now that funders saw Ron could show a solid, reliable method of repaying the funding, he had options.


Craig understands that when a small business owner like Ron calls him, it’s never just about the money. “I’m always looking to resolve an issue that will help benefit the business by helping them obtain capital needed to get to that next level.”

Since this first experience with UCS, Ron has returned for additional funding to expand his business. And every time, Craig says he does “everything in my power to make sure Ron gets what he needs.”


Great Service. We had nothing but a great experience working with United Capital Source. Craig and his associates have been wonderful to work with.”

At United Capital Source, we have provided over $600 million of small business loans to thousands of businesses from a wide range of industries. As banks continue to make it difficult for businesses to source business funding quickly, we provide you with the cash you need to operate your business.

We will help you grow
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