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Time is money. This phrase is supposed to encourage you to use your time wisely because it is so valuable and in such low supply. Another interpretation might say that the more time you have, the more money you have the opportunity to make. Unfortunately, countless business owners are so busy they don’t have the time to launch an attack on the competition that could take their business to unprecedented heights.

This is why time is easily the most useful resource a small business loan can buy. No plan to expand your business can be carried out without the time to do it right. You might already have the means to execute your plan but only time can access the mental and physical effort required to bring every detail of your idea to life.

What can a business do with a little extra time? Here’s four effective uses of this vital tool:


Among the most popular uses for small business loans is taking on new hires. Unless you are looking for sheer manpower to boost productivity, finding the right candidate(s) will take time. This is because the first candidates to respond to job ads are typically the most experienced, and experience is probably not the most important quality for the position at hand. Creative people, for example, will likely only respond to job ads from companies that have a creative, professional-looking image. Some business owners base hiring decisions on the candidates’ capacity to learn, since it’s much harder to teach someone a good attitude than it is to teach the basic skills required for the job.

You don’t want to waste money on the wrong choice for an employee, so you must spend a considerable amount of time posting job ads on various platforms and interviewing candidates. Once you have found your new hire, he or she will undergo training for at least a few weeks. All of these stages will compromise your attention and cause operations to slow down but with a working capital loan, you won’t have to dig into operational or personal funding to cover the expenses that come with running your business. You can buy all the time you need to devote your attention to making sure you have found the perfect candidate.


Recent research has shown that more and more shoppers are deciding what to purchase and where to get it based on what they see online. The companies that are able to invest heavily in digital marketing have a distinct competitive edge because they are more likely to appear at the top of search results pages and regularly interact with potential and current customers via social media, email marketing and other websites related to their industry. Digital marketing is particularly useful leading up to a company’s most profitable time of the year, when discounts and exclusive offers must be advertised to ensure a strong performance.

An effective marketing campaign, however, takes time to craft. You need time to find a reputable digital marketing team, which must then learn about your business and figure out what type of Internet users they should target. Long-term initiatives are designed to increase revenue but do not immediately produce results. This is why countless businesses take out small business loans to advertise upcoming deals and releases.


You’ve got an idea for a ground-breaking new product but you have no time to gather the tools needed to create it and put your idea into motion. Maybe you’re a restaurateur who needs to order various organic ingredients from long distances before figuring out the perfect recipe. Maybe you run a clothing store and need to build a decent supply of a new item with a highly intricate design. Your plan is supported by statistics outlining why this product will be successful as well as just how much revenue it will generate in the long run.

According to the Huffington Post, product development is the business plan that lenders are most likely to approve. Such borrowers are likely asking for enough funding to run their businesses smoothly for a few months while operations slow down because their attention is diverted to this new project. You want to start your project as soon as possible, so you can’t afford to wait several months for a bank loan. Alternative business financing companies, on the other hand, can approve loans in under 24-48 hours and distribute funding in a matter of days. Your product will be ready on the exact date you intended, which is likely when customers will be in the market for your new product.


If you are wondering whether or not you should take out a small business loan to buy the time to increase revenue, contact the small business funding experts at United Capital Source, all of whom know exactly how much time is required for such initiatives to be carried out. This partnership will not end when the balance is paid off because odds are, more than one of the aforementioned tasks is on your to-do list. UCS funding experts are happy to bestow long-term financial guidance, and, if you pay off the first round of funding on time, another round of financing could help you reach your most ambitious goals for the year!

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