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Some of America’s most successful businesses are run by women.

As reported in a recent Forbes article “women-owned small businesses—already numbering nearly 10 million—are starting up at twice the rate of men-owned businesses, and they are succeeding despite an all too real gender barrier against them. At the same time, women in Congress are leading the legislative fight to level the playing field for women-owned businesses.”

The article further notes that “It is a shocking fact that, as recently as 1988, many states had laws requiring women to obtain the signature of a husband or other man in order to establish business credit.”

At United Capita Source, we have always funded women in small business and have female finance managers on staff. There are many examples where banks do not lend to women based on the types of small businesses they operate including specialty retail shops, lingerie stores and adult shops, jewelry stores and even guns stores!

We will help you grow
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