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The United Capital Source Business Journal

Cash flow problems are a given for medical practices thanks to the ongoing headache that is health insurance. Doctors do not collect full payments immediately after they perform their services and when payments do finally arrive, the recipient often discovers that a patient did not pay his or her portion of the bill.

Customers will be impressed by low prices and easy access, but the backbone of any highly successful business is the quality of its products or services. This is how smaller businesses compete with the giants of their industries and gain lifelong customers. If you sell something for a low price, odds are, someone else will figure out how to sell it for even cheaper. If you guarantee shipping within a week, someone else will guarantee shipping within a few days. No one, however, can surpass the trademark quality you developed with your unique skill set and expertise.

Anyone searching for optimism in 2017 should look no further than small businesses around the US. A Survey was conducted last year to gauge how small businesses are planning to expand, and the results found that small business owners are far more confident in their future than the year before.

Here at United Capital Source, we work with all kinds of small business owners in all types of industries. One of the most common reasons they come to us for lending help is inadequate cash flow. They’ve made the right call coming to us, though. Because small business loans such as a merchant cash advance can relieve the stress of cash problems – the financial stress and the personal stress.

You may think your business can’t get a loan because you have bad credit. You may think the fact that you’re a woman makes things even worse. You’re not entirely wrong, on either count. But you’re not entirely correct, either. Woman entrepreneurs can get small business loans, even if you have credit problems. 

Anyone who has been in business for a while knows you need a small business loan from time to time. There are many good reasons to borrow money. But one of the most challenging decisions can be choosing the right financing. For instance, when is the best time to use a business line of credit?