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The United Capital Source Business Journal

Owning a medical spa is a highly rewarding experience. Each day is another new opportunity to help make others look and feel great. But, it costs a great deal of money to keep a high quality medical spa open to the public. Between government and health regulations, medical malpractice and liability insurance, and the demands from customers to keep adding new services ­– a medical spa requires a constant source of income to keep things running smoothly. Making good financial decisions is a huge part of staying in business. Is your medical spa in need of a business cash flow makeover? Might a business loan for medical practices help?

Whether you are a second-generation restaurateur or just in the start-up phase of building a restaurant empire, getting restaurant business loans can be a challenge. Unfortunately, banks are notorious for turning restaurants down for the working capital they need, and there are predators out there that will take advantage of an unsuspecting restaurant owner who finds himself in a financial bind. The Latin Times describes the challenges of getting a loan as a small business in general – it can be even more difficult for women and minorities.

For some types of companies, the business cycle can be painfully drawn out. Wholesale and manufacturing businesses are prime examples. You have to spend money on supplies and labor to produce or acquire your goods. Usually a lot of money. But once those products are sold, you may wait weeks or even months to get paid. Small business loans can help bridge that gap.

Chronic cash flow problems affect many types of small businesses. But nobody understands the difficulties better than medical professionals. Most of the work you perform for patients is billed out to a third party. Insurance providers. Medicare. It can take weeks – often months – before you see reimbursements. Meanwhile, you still have to pay your monthly expenses. Medical practice business loans can smooth chronic cash shortages.

In a recent article I talked about bad credit small business loans for women. In the past, women entrepreneurs have often been short-changed when it came to business loans. Especially if your business had bad credit. But thankfully, times have changed. So in that article, I tried to put the negatives to rest. And focus on the positive -- bad credit doesn’t mean no credit. Even if you’re a woman.

It’s tough work being a hotelier. You have to juggle so many details and so many different types of staff, even if you don’t have a restaurant component. Everything has to be perfect for your guests. You’re always “on,” with a big smile and accommodating attitude. Regardless, some guests are just plain difficult. But the biggest challenge of all is often finances. So you have to be an expert on small business loans, too.