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The question of fairness and equality in minorities who run businesses and applying for a small business loans has been an issue that many small business funding companies would rather not face. Recently, an article in the Investor’s Business Daily states that “the White House complains minority-owned firms don’t have the same access to credit as others”.

At United Capital Source, we have provided small business funding to hundreds of businesses owned by minorities. We do not discriminate based on any factors. We have a modern inclusive culture. We don’t have large bureaucratic systems and entrenched ways of doing business. Our culture and mission is to always serve our customer in good faith.

The article points out that specifically, regulators will look at “small-business loan underwriting criteria” to see if it has a discriminatory “disparate impact” on minority business owners applying for credit. Marketplace lending will also be under the microscope. Examiners will start looking at the racial impact of “underwriting criteria” for business loans, along with mortgages.

United Capital Source vision is to bring funding solutions to small-mid sized businesses that may not necessarily fit the traditional bank and non financial institutional lending model. We applaud these new White House initiatives.

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