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Business in America is dynamic, competitive and taking advantage of the opportunities is important. Applying for and being approved by banks for small business funding is often a prolonged process during which business opportunities vanish before the funds are received.

This is why term loans for small business provide a good alternative funding source as they mature over shorter periods up to 60 months. United Capital Source can structure repayments of term loan with weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly payback options. Approval for term loans can be as fast as 3 working days upon completion of an application form.

As a business owner, you sometimes need to seize opportunities to purchase capital equipment, employ more staff and expand operations to meet excess demand. Term loans can provide the necessary capital required and loan amounts can vary from $50,000 to $250,000. Read our tips for more information on applying for small business funding.

United Capital Source offers business lines of credit and term loans (for qualifying clients) for loan periods of between 48 and 60 months with flexible repayment schedules to suit your business needs.

Most of all, term loans can also provide peace of mind. As there is a fixed period of the loan and flexible repayment schedules, you can be more confident running your business, knowing exactly how long the length of the loan is.

We will help you grow
your small business.

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