Small Business Loans for Cosmetics Store

It seems you can’t walk through a shopping mall or shopping district without having a well-dressed, hip youngster with glorious make-up on, handing out free samples of cosmetics. Face creams, hand lotions, and eye liners are just some of the samples they offer to lure customers into cosmetics stores.

YouTubers are creating 'how to' make-up tutorials featuring specific brands while applying make-up to look like famous celebrities and they're driving consumers into cosmetics stores.

United Capital Source has provided small business loans to cosmetics wholesalers and retail store chains selling cosmetics for several years. Located in Manhattan and close to New York’s ‘garment district,’ we have helped finance cosmetic product lines that cosmetic store owners need to purchase to expand their inventory offering.

As smaller boutique cosmetic stores compete with the major department stores such as SAKS and Macy’s as well as specialist stores including Sephora, and online giants like Amazon — having access to quick small business financing allows businesses to stock their shelves with new products that consumers see advertised.  

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