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3 Reasons Small Business Loans Are Vital For Younger Businesses

Cash flow issues are the most popular reason for small business failure. While every business has its own financial circumstances, the majority of businesses that fall to cash flow issues likely have at least one thing in common: They didn’t make enough moves early on to prevent these misfortunes. The first few years of any […]

3 Potential Culprits For Your Wholesale Business’s Cash Flow Problems

When most businesses experience cash flow problems, the instinctual reaction is to focus on increasing sales. This seems logical, since the issue is rooted in the absence of cash and more sales should bring in more money to fill in the gap. But in the wholesale industry, insufficient revenue is far from the only potential […]

4 Most Important Financial Documents For Your Small Business

4 Most Important Financial Documents For Your Small Business

One universal sign of a responsible small business owner is a perpetual awareness of the business’s financial health. Responsible (and more likely than not, successful) business owners determine what’s working and what’s not by regularly examining a series of financial statements or accounting reports. Maintaining this habit also allows them to keep their records updated […]

3 Reasons To Consider Working Capital Loans For Your Construction Company

The current state of the construction industry proves an interesting theory about growth. Even though construction spending has increased over the past few years, costs have increased for construction contractors as well. It seems that certain industry-wide challenges will simply never disappear, while new challenges have emerged from rising standards and demands. There might be […]

When To Go With A Business Term Loan For Your Construction Company

The evolution of the business financing industry has turned several types of small business loans that previously weren’t as popular into household names. These programs tend to be the specialties of the newest and most innovative business financing companies in the industry. Examples include the merchant cash advance, which is a specialty of United Capital […]

5 Things Construction Contractors Need To Know About Small Business Loans

The increasing popularity of alternative business lenders is largely attributed to their ability to accommodate unusual cash flow situations. Market fluctuations, unforeseen expenses, and hectic daily schedules no longer have to stop you from accessing advantageous small business loans. But companies like United Capital Source still have a long way to go until our strategies […]

Benefits Of Accounts Receivable Factoring For Construction Contractors

It’s rare to come across a construction company that has more than enough money to finance each of its upcoming projects one-by-one. If you do, that company may very well not be around for too much longer. Because in this chaotic industry, it often seems that having enough money to easily finance your projects means […]

Why Construction Contractors Should Partner Up With Alternative Business Lenders

The construction industry can be extremely rewarding if you are able to take advantage of lucrative opportunities at any given time. Unfortunately, many construction contractors do not have this luxury thanks to the various cash flow difficulties that come with completing consecutive and/or lengthy projects.

5 Benefits Of Working Capital Loans For Construction Companies

When large businesses seek out construction companies to do business with, longevity is often a factor that stands out from the competition. This takes sound financial principals and superior management to achieve. Sometimes, for situations out of a construction business owner’s control, cash flow problems can create a bad credit situation that’s hard to correct. It can happen to any contracting firm.

Success With The Source

Success With The Source: Christopher Jones, Construction Contractor

United Capital Source’s #1 goal is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on delivering a great client experience. Below is a recent success story from one of our clients.