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Biz2Credit Logo

Biz2Credit is an online lending marketplace offering small business owners a quick application and fast funding. The company was established in 2007 and has since facilitated over $7 billion in funding to over 200,000 small businesses.

The lending marketplace provides loans ranging from $25k – $6 million. Its loan offerings primarily focus on short-term financing, as the maximum term is 36 months. Biz2Credit offers four loan products…

BlueVine Capital

Few online business lenders are as highly regarded as Bluevine. If you were to research BlueVine’s products, you’d quickly be greeted by a plethora of glowing reviews, and for a good reason. For starters, Bluevine offers virtually all of the advantages you’d expect from a reputable online lender. Their products are easily accessible for younger, smaller businesses as well as applicants with subpar personal credit.

Small businesses are often recommended to cover certain operational expenses with business credit cards. But not everyone can qualify for the most advantageous options. And when you carry a balance month-to-month, it’s very easy to accrue a dangerous amount of debt unknowingly. Entrepreneurs who are facing these circumstances might consider a charge card instead.

CAN Capital Logo

CAN Capital is a small business financing company in operation since 1998. It was one of the pioneers in the alternative business lending space and one of the first to offer merchant cash advances.

Clearco Clearbanc Logo

Clearco (formerly Clearbanc) is one of the newest and fastest-growing players in the business financing game. Founded in 2015, this Toronto-based startup has financed thousands of companies, including mattress manufacturer Leesa Sleep, fashion-rental service Le Tote, and home goods supplier Public Goods.

Financial Pacific Leasing Logo

Financial Pacific Leasing Inc. from Umpqua Bank offers equipment leasing and financing to small businesses. They specialize in financing agreements for equipment up to $150,000.

Fora Financial Logo

Small business owners often need working capital to help maintain and grow their businesses, but many struggle to meet approval requirements from traditional lenders. Fora Financial is an alternative lender specializing in small business financing with lower approval requirements than many competitors. The company’s offerings include a term loan and a merchant cash advance.

Forward Financing Logo

Forward Financing is a Boston-based lending company that provides financing to small businesses nationwide. The fintech company uses a revenue-based financing model to fund businesses that might not qualify for traditional loans.

Many small businesses struggle to find funding when they’re younger or have low business credit scores. Forward Financing seeks to solve these challenges with an underwriting process that bases approval on a company’s revenue and cash flow.

Fundbox Logo

Fundbox has an excellent online reputation. This is particularly true for their customer service. Fundbox’s line of credit or a Fundbox term loan can help businesses in need of immediate funding. The application process is easy and streamlined. Once funding is approved, you can usually add funds to your business checking account within 1-2 days, and sometimes you can get funding by the next business day.

Funding Circle Logo

The UK-based lending platform Funding Circle is a world leader in business financing. The fintech company enjoys an excellent online reputation centered around its dedicated customer service and the ease of the application process.

Small business owners can apply for Funding Circle financing in about six minutes or less. The company also connects investors and lending institutions to small businesses needing financing through its lending-as-a-service platform.

Headway Capital

Thanks to companies like Headway Capital, younger businesses can access business lines of credit with bad credit with rocky cash flow. Unlike more traditional options, Headway Capital caters to less established companies and offers multiple repayment methods.

Idea Financial Logo

As a newer player in the world of online business financing, Idea Financial has built a solid reputation for fast funding at reasonable rates and providing personalized business advice. The lender is more selective than most, but for those who qualify, Idea is an excellent option for a line of credit and short-term loans.

AMEX Kabbage Logo

In online business lending, few companies have grown as dramatically as Kabbage. Much of Kabbage’s success can be attributed to its underwriting requirements and various features that stand apart from its massive competition.

It’s safe to say that Kabbage created a business model that appeals to businesses looking for a unique yet sensible funding solution. That business model also appealed to investors as American Express acquired Kabbage in 2020.

Kapitus Logo

Small business owners who need quick funding for business loans might be interested in Kapitus. The lender offers a fast approval process, quick funding, and a wide range of financing products.


The Holy Trinity of payment processors is PayPal, Square, and Stripe. As of September 2019, all three offer their own business financing services. The last to join the club was Stripe, and it’s easy to see why they waited so long. Compared to PayPal Working Capital and Square Capital, Stripe Capital is designed for a more specific customer type.

Marlin Capital Solutions Logo

Marlin Capital Solutions (now PEAC Solutions) is a nationwide financing provider for business equipment and working capital. Like any lender, the company has its upsides and downsides.

I got approved! Matt Wiemann was awesome with explaining everything I needed to know in detail! He was not a pushy person as I have had this experience with other companies. He was very patient listening and answering all of my questions!! I definitely recommend this company!!
Erica Conerly

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Small business owners have many options for financing and fast funding thanks to the increase in alternative online lenders. One of the original alternative lenders, National Funding, is still one of the best options available.

Newtek Small Business Finance Logo

One of the top lenders for large borrowing amounts is Newtek Small Business Finance. Newtek provides SBA loans, term loans, and business lines of credit. The business solutions company also offers HR management services, IT services, and more.

OnDeck Capital

The need for fast cash is often so great in small businesses that they forget it can come with a hefty price tag. This is evident in the success of business lenders that revolve around the ability to approve and distribute small business loans in 24-48 hours. Many of these lenders promise fast cash with little requirements, an offer so tempting that borrowers don’t bother thinking about how the financing terms will impact cash flow.

Payability Logo

Certain eCommerce companies rely on marketplaces like Amazon to do business. Unfortunately, marketplace platforms sometimes take several days, weeks, or months to release a seller’s payout.

That’s where Payability comes in. The online financing company seeks to help small business entrepreneurs solve cash flow issues in the eCommerce space. Payability doesn’t consider your credit score or run a credit check when approving applications.

PayPal Working Capital & PayPal Business Loans

Despite the abundance of glowing reviews, PayPal’s working capital program is far from perfect. Many successful business owners have been denied funding for reasons that have nothing to do with revenue, cash flow, or general financial standing. Various forums are chock full of posts from dumbfounded or frustrated business owners who carefully read the program’s rules for eligibility yet still failed to obtain funding, possibly because of their industry’s very nature.

QuickBridge Funding Logo

So, how do younger businesses or those still building or repairing credit get from where they are to where they need to be for the most advantageous loans? One option is to use bridge financing to fund your company in the short-term while building credit for future long-term financing.

This is the niche that QuickBridge seeks to fill. The company provides quick access to bridge financing so you can run your business today with an eye on tomorrow.

Rapid finance reviews, business loans, rapid finance business loans, small businesses

Rapid Finance offers a diverse line of small business loans. Few small business lenders can boast Rapid Finance’s quick funding time. As the name says, the company specializes in rapid financing programs.

Reliant Funding is a lending institution specializing in merchant cash advances for small and medium-sized businesses. Like most alternative lenders, the company offers an easy online application and faster funding than traditional lenders.

Riviera Finance Logo

Riviera Finance is an established financing company specializing in invoice factoring for small businesses. The company purchases outstanding invoices from your clients so you can turn your accounts receivable into instant working capital to maintain cash flow.

Shopify Capital Logo

Shopify Capital is the small business financing arm of the highly popular eCommerce platform Shopify Inc. Small business owners using the platform might qualify for a Shopify loan or merchant cash advance. Applications are invite-only, meaning the company will message you when your business is eligible.

SmartBiz offers a streamlined approach to applying for SBA 7(a) Loans. Business owners can use the SBA 7(a) for commercial real estate loans, working capital, or debt refinancing. You only apply once, and they take care of sending your application to SBA lenders in their network.

SnapCap is an alternative online lender offering short-term financing to small business owners. They specialize in expediting the business loan process. From their streamlined application process to fast funding time, the company aims to bring you working capital in a snap.

Square Capital

Square, a point-of-sale payment service like PayPal or Stripe, offers small business loans to merchants with a Square account. At first, Square Capital’s product might not seem unique. But when you look further into the requirements and repayment structure, it’s not difficult to see why Square Loans have grown so significantly over the several years.

StreetShares connects business owners to financing programs to help their companies grow. The lending platform began as a financing solution for veterans-owned businesses but expanded to include financing for all small businesses.

Stripe Capital

The Holy Trinity of payment processors is PayPal, Square, and Stripe. As of September 2019, all three offer their own business financing services. The last to join the club was Stripe, and it’s easy to see why they waited so long. Compared to PayPal Working Capital and Square Capital, Stripe Capital is designed for a more specific customer type.

Wells Fargo Logo

Wells Fargo is one of the US’s largest and most recognizable banks. The traditional financial institution is mainly known for consumer and commercial banking services but also offers some small business financing.

American Express Merchant Financing

If your small business accepts American Express credit cards and performs consistent debit and credit transactions, American Express Merchant Financing seems like a very sensible funding source.

Balboa Capital Logo

Balboa Capital is one of the longest-tenured alternative business lenders with a track record since the 80s. They specialize in equipment financing, lines of credit, and short-term loans.

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