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    LoanBuilder is the new name for PayPal’s business loan product. This is one of two business financing services offered by PayPal. The other is PayPal Working Capital, which works like a merchant cash advance. Loanbuilder (PayPal Business Loans), on the other hand, works more like a traditional business term loan.

    Repayment structure is just one of the many differences between the two products. PayPal Business Loans are designed for very different businesses and cash flow scenarios compared to PayPal Working Capital.

    In this guide, we’ll answer the following questions and more:

    What Is LoanBuilder?

    LoanBuilder was formerly called PayPal Business Loans. Today, however, PayPal refers to the product simply as Loanbuilder by PayPal.

    The traditional product that most resembles PayPal Business Loans is a business term loan. But instead of monthly payments, borrowers make automatic weekly payments.

    You can borrow up to $500,000 in terms of up to 52 weeks. Unlike PayPal Working Capital, you don’t have to use PayPal to process payments to qualify for PayPal Business Loans.

    What Do You Need to Apply for LoanBuilder?

    To apply for PayPal Business Loans, you will need to supply the following information:

    • Total annual revenue
    • Business start date
    • Owner’s Social Security number
    • Business Tax ID number
    • Four months of business bank statements

    Bank statements are only necessary if you don’t use PayPal to process payments. If you do, this information will already be in PayPal’s system. Depending on your business’s financial health and performance history, you may also be asked to provide additional financial information.

    Other Important Factors for LoanBuilder:

    Eligible businesses must have a PayPal Business account. You don’t need to use PayPal to process payments; you must be registered with PayPal Business.

    Eligible businesses must be in business for at least nine months and earn at least $42,000 in annual revenue. The minimum credit score is 550. Borrowers also cannot have any personal bankruptcies.

    For LoanBuilder, You Need to Know That:

    Your business’s financial health and personal credit score determine your loan amount, cost, terms, and weekly payment size. If your cash flow shows that you can safely afford weekly payments, you are more likely to be approved for the borrowing amount you’re looking for.

    Instead of a traditional interest rate, LoanBuilder has a fixed fee of 6.49% to 19.31%. The fee is factored into weekly payments, automatically deducted from your business bank account or PayPal account (whichever one you use to collect sales). You can choose the day of the week on which payments are deducted.

    There are no origination fees or prepayment penalties. However, the full borrowing fee is calculated when you apply. Thus, even if you pay early, you won’t save any money because you’ll have to pay the full fee.

    Collateral is not needed, but you will need to sign a personal guarantee. This means that PayPal could potentially seize your personal assets to make up for the lost funds in the event of a default.

    Payments are reported to the business credit bureaus but not the personal credit bureaus. This means your payment history will affect your business credit score but not your personal credit score.

    How To Apply With LoanBuilder:

    The name “LoanBuilder” stems from the fact that borrowers can customize their amount and terms during the application process. If approved, you can receive funds as soon as one business day. Here’s how to get started:

    Step 1: Fill Out 5-10 Minute Questionnaire

    Eligibility is determined via an online questionnaire that reportedly takes 5-10 minutes to fill out. You can also check your eligibility over the phone. In the questionnaire, you’ll provide the loan’s purpose, annual revenue, number of full-time employees, industry, and necessary business and personal information. This will determine if you are pre-qualified.

    Step 2: Select the Borrowing Amount and Terms

    If you pass the pre-qualification stage, you will be asked to enter your desired borrowing amount and terms. Your selections will determine your fees and the size of your weekly payment.

    Step 3: Sign Your Loan Contract

    About five minutes after customizing your loan, you will receive an email from a PayPal representative. This email will either ask for more documents (i.e., bank statements) or contain your loan contract. If you sign the contract and provide the required documentation before 5 pm on a weekday, funds may appear in your PayPal Business account the next business day. Otherwise, it may take a few business days for funds to appear in your account.

    LoanBuilder: Post Funding

    PayPal will automatically deduct payments from your business checking account every week. If you aren’t sure that you’ll have enough money in your account to fulfill a weekly payment, considering changing the day of the week in which PayPal deducts the payment. If your payment is due and your account does not have enough money to make it, you will receive a $20 fee.

    You can also reach out to PayPal’s customer service team about changing your fees or weekly payment size. They may be able to make small changes that make your loan easier to afford.

    What Are the Advantages of LoanBuilder?

    With terms of up to 52 weeks, LoanBuilder is considered short-term financing. Most sources of short-term funding typically distribute smaller amounts, i.e., up to $250,000. LoanBuilder, on the other hand, offers up to $500,000. This makes LoanBuilder ideal for businesses that quickly need large amounts of cash, which is a prevalent scenario in the small business world.

    And unlike other short-term lenders, LoanBuilder allows you to customize your borrowing amount and terms. This gives you the ability to coordinate your loan with your desired investment’s exact cost and time frame. Many short-term lenders offer just a few options for borrowing amounts and terms (i.e., six months, twelve months, eighteen months). As a result, you could end up borrowing too much or too little.

    What Are the Disadvantages of LoanBuilder?

    Despite LoanBuilder’s flexibility with borrowing amounts and terms, there’s no flexibility in the repayment structure. All borrowers must make weekly payments. When combined with LoanBuilder’s considerably high rates, these payments could put severe pressure on your finances. Other short-term lenders might allow you to choose the repayment frequency that is most conducive to your cash flow.

    Also, even though LoanBuilder doesn’t charge prepayment penalties, there’s no financial incentive to paying off the loan early. Some business lenders don’t calculate your total fee when you apply. Thus, paying early means paying less interest and fees than if you paid on schedule.

    Lastly, LoanBuilder does not report your payments to personal credit bureaus. Though some business lenders do prioritize business credit, most of them place more emphasis on personal credit. For this reason, paying off a loan with LoanBuilder might not increase your chances of accessing better products from other lenders.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some common questions potential borrowers might have about LoanBuilder:

    Will Applying for a Loan from LoanBuilder Affect My Credit?

    During the pre-qualification stage, you will fill out a questionnaire to check your eligibility. You can also review the estimated offers. These actions will not affect your credit score. However, if you decide to move forward with the application, PayPal will indeed check your credit. Hence, your credit score might drop during the final stages of the application process.

    What is the Interest Rate on a PayPal Business Loan?

    Instead of a traditional interest rate, LoanBuilder carries a fixed fee of 6.49% to 19.31%. If you take out a $100,000 loan for LoanBuilder’s minimum term of 13 weeks, your APR could range from 44.57% to 131.75%.

    Do I Need a PayPal Account to Get a Loan from LoanBuilder?

    You do not need to use PayPal’s POS service to get a loan from LoanBuilder. You do, however, need an account with PayPal Business.

    Is LoanBuilder Legit?

    In 2006, a business financing company called Swift Capital created LoanBuilder. About eleven years later, PayPal acquired Swift Capital and began marketing their product as “PayPal Business Loans.” But even before the acquisition, LoanBuilder has always been a legitimate business lender. You can visit the LoanBuilder website to read their privacy policy, explaining how they collect your personal information and protect it through SSL encryption.

    What If I’m Declined By LoanBuilder?

    If LoanBuilder declines your application, you will receive an email explaining what prevented your approval within two days. You can then apply again in 30 days.

    Failing to earn approval from LoanBuilder also doesn’t mean you’ll see the same result with another business lender. For instance, LoanBuilder may have declined your application after determining that your cash flow cannot withstand weekly payments. Thankfully, plenty of other business lenders offer working capital loans with similar borrowing limits and requirements as LoanBuilder, along with different repayment frequencies. You could theoretically access the same borrowing amount, but instead of weekly payments, you may be able to make monthly or even bi-weekly payments. And just like LoanBuilder, the money will appear in your bank account in 24-48 hours.

    If you were declined because of poor credit, there might be some bad credit business loan options available for you with other business lenders.

    Making Your Decision

    LoanBuilder is an excellent option for businesses that need a substantial amount of cash very quickly but cannot qualify for bank loans. But if your cash flow cannot sustain weekly payments, this repayment structure might limit your capacity for growth. LoanBuilder also isn’t the only business lender that allows you to customize your borrowing amount and terms.

    If you explore other options, you might find another business lender that offers the main advantages of LoanBuilder but without their most significant disadvantages. For this reason, we give Loanbuilder a 3.8 out of 5 rating, and believe you should only pursue LoanBuilder if it checks every single box for your desired investment.

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