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Swish Funding Review Pros, Cons, and How to Apply

Small business owners sometimes need urgent funding, but traditional lenders like banks and credit unions can take weeks to fund a loan. Fortunately, alternative and online lenders can provide much faster funding times.

However, finding the right alternative lender is challenging because so many are available. A business loan connection service like Swish Funding can help match applicants to lenders.

But the company might not be the right fit for every small business. It provides minimal information about the loans available through its lending partner network.

This review covers how Swish Funding works, including the benefits, drawbacks, and application process, to help you decide if it meets your funding needs. Specifically, we’ll answer these questions and more:

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    What is Swish Funding?

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    Swish Funding is an online small business loan connection service. It works with a network of lending partners that approve and fund business loan requests made through its website.

    The company offers business loans and short-term funding. It states you can use the funds to invest in growth and manage cash flow. Examples include:

    • Buying equipment.
    • Purchasing inventory.
    • Covering payroll.
    • Commercial real estate loans.
    • Business acquisition.
    • Working capital.
    • Starting a business.

    Swish Funding launched in 2021 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

    How does Swish Funding work?

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    The company’s website states it can help small businesses obtain funding with the following features:

    • Funding amounts: $10k – $5 million.
    • Terms: Up to 12 years.
    • Interest rates: Undisclosed.
    • Funding speed: As soon as 24 hours.

    Small business owners complete the request form. The company’s system then sends the information to its partner lenders.

    You’ll receive an offer (or offers) if your information matches a lender’s underwriting requirements. At that point, you can choose to complete the process on the lender’s website.

    The company does not publish the specific small business financing products available. That is likely because available products depend on the lender where a small business owner gets matched.

    What are the qualifications for Swish Funding?

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    The company doesn’t publish qualifications. We cannot locate minimum credit score, time in business, or annual revenue requirements. You must apply and see where you match to know if you’re eligible.

    For Swish Funding, You Need to Know That:

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    The company is not a lender and doesn’t make decisions on credit approval. The service attempts to connect you to one of its lender partners.

    Approval, funding amounts, rates, and terms depend on the lender. Swish Funding doesn’t publish, promise, or guarantee loan terms. Once you get connected to a lender, Swish Funding’s role in the process ends.

    Its website is bare of other information as well. You can attempt to contact customer service for more details. They’re available seven days a week. Or you can complete the request form to start the process and see what’s available.

    The information goes to the lender network when you submit the request form. Its lender partners have to discretion to complete a hard credit inquiry, which might lower your credit score. Other lenders may only perform a soft credit pull, which won’t impact your credit.

    It does offer a business loan affiliate program. ISOs and business loan brokers can complete the partner form to connect their small business clients to the service.

    How to apply for Swish Funding:

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    The application process is quick and simple. Follow these steps to apply.

    Step 1: Complete the Funding Application

    The first step is to fill out the request form on the connection service’s website. You’ll enter information about yourself, your business, and your business partners (if any).

    You’ll also indicate your monthly revenue and how much you’re requesting. In addition, you’ll indicate your intended use of the funds.

    Step 2: Receive Offers

    The process happens in real-time. You may receive offers from lenders shortly after applying.

    Step 3: Review & Accept

    Review your loan offers, if any. Select the offer that best suits your needs. You are not obligated to accept any offer if approved.

    Step 4: Receive Your Funding in Your Business Bank Account

    Your loan could be funded 24 hours after accepting an offer.

    Swish Funding, Post Funding:

    The company doesn’t publish much information about the repayment process but does indicate payments are monthly. It also states loan terms can go up to 12 years, but elsewhere it says that funding options are short-term.

    In addition, the Swish Funding website states, “You control your monthly payment so it’s as affordable as possible.” However, it doesn’t explain how that process works, especially since the lender you work with sets the repayment terms.

    What are the advantages of Swish Funding?

    The service states it can help small businesses access fast funding up to $12 million. The application process is quick and easy, with minimal documentation requirements.

    You could potentially receive multiple offers from lenders. The company also states terms go up to 12 years, and you control your monthly payment.

    What are the disadvantages of Swish Funding?

    The most significant drawback is the lack of information. It doesn’t indicate available loan products, qualifications, or interest rates.

    In addition, it has almost no online presence. There are no reviews or testimonials available. The lack of information makes it impossible to compare similar services.

    Swish Funding Pros & Cons

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    • Quick and easy application process.
    • Fast funding – as soon as 24 hours is possible.
    • Large borrowing amount – up to $5 million.
    • Claims terms can go up to 12 years.
    • States you can control your monthly payment.


    • Complete lack of transparency on loans & terms.
    • No interest rate, fee, or other cost information.
    • Minimal online presence with no reviews available.
    • Impossible to compare to similar services.

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    swish Funding Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Swish Funding legit?

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    Swish Funding is a legitimate business loan connection service. However, it has a very minimal online presence, including no Trustpilot or Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company’s website is secure, and independent website scam checkers verify it’s safe.

    What do Swish Funding reviews typically focus on?

    We could not locate any reviews for Swish Funding. We will update this section if customer reviews become available.

    What if Swish Funding denies me?

    Swish Funding doesn’t provide loans or make credit decisions. However, the lender where you match might deny the loan request.

    If you were declined, the denial letter will explain why. It’s also possible that Swish Funding doesn’t find a lender match.

    Fortunately, there are many alternative business loan lenders if Swish Funding doesn’t work out for you. Several online funders have a more established history and provide transparency on available loan products, rates, and terms.

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    Making Your Decision

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    Swish Funding is best suited for small business owners needing urgent funding and help to find the right lender. The connection service sends your information to its lender network to match your qualifications to their underwriting requirements.

    The drawback is that you won’t know what type of loan(s) you’ll get until you apply and receive offers. It also provides no information on costs, terms, or renewals.

    Established businesses with excellent credit and high revenue can likely qualify for more advantageous business loans. In addition, if you want control over the loan type you receive or wish to work with a company with good online reviews, you must find a different service.

    We rate Swish Funding 2.5 out of 5 based on the available information. The lack of transparency, cost information, and customer reviews makes it difficult to rate the company any higher. However, the rating may change if new information becomes available.

    Disclaimer: The Swish Funding trademark is owned by Swish Funding, and its use herein is for reference purposes only, and it does not indicate sponsorship or endorsement from Swish Funding.

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