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3 Reasons Today’s Small Business Loans Are (And Should Be) More Accessible

It’s rare for an entire industry to experience what can rightfully be referred to as a “transformation.” Well, the business financing industry is one of the few exceptions to this rule. More and more sources of small business loans are appearing and growing every day. Virtually every member of the new wave of business lenders […]

Preparing Your Cosmetics Store For Black Friday With A Business Line Of Credit

When it comes to the busiest periods of the year, the small businesses that achieve the most success are usually those that take the most time to prepare. Each year, they begin preparation at an earlier time. There’s always something more you can do to maximize the likelihood of a strong performance. Black Friday and/or […]

New Opportunities For Small Business Loans For Your Cosmetics Store

The cosmetics industry has been on a powerful but strange trajectory over the past decade or so. There are more beauty brands than ever, yet the business is arguably more competitive than ever as well. In order to survive in today’s climate, virtually every cosmetics store has to have something special to offer. This leaves […]

Get Your Cosmetics Store Ready For The Busy Season With A Merchant Cash Advance

If your busiest season of the year is the holidays, now is the time to prepare for the surge in demand. Maximizing the likelihood of strong sales is a very complicated process that involves numerous obstacles. But it’s safe to say the two biggest obstacles are the need for additional business funding and potential changes […]

How To Spend Small Business Loans For Your Cosmetics Store 

The increasing dominance of ecommerce has triggered a wave of panic throughout the retail industry. Revenue has declined for many department stores and small businesses, especially those who sell mainly to millennials. Some retailers, however, have managed to not only stay vital but actually benefit from the impact of technology on consumers. One example is […]