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What Are Some Of The Best Small Business Ideas For 2019?

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs rose to prominence with daring, revolutionary ideas. They debuted innovative business models, capitalized on untapped markets, or offered products or services no one had ever seen before. This created the widespread notion that entrepreneurship can only mean stepping way, way outside of the box. But contrary to popular belief, […]

How to Collect, Report, and Pay Sales Taxes for Your Small Business

Sales tax is among the biggest headaches for entrepreneurs. Unless your business only sells to customers in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon, you must collect sales tax whenever a customer makes a purchase. Sales tax issues are extremely common because the rules vary from business to business and product to product. The amount […]

3 Types Of Technology To Invest In For Your Small Business

One of the most popular uses for additional business funding is investing in new technology. While examples of advanced technology might be easier to conceive for certain industries (healthcare, E-commerce), examples for other industries aren’t exactly clear. And yet you hear about countless companies taking out small business loans to acquire some sort of tool […]

Using Small Business Loans To Compete With Ecommerce Giants

The rise of ecommerce has struck fear in the hearts of small business owners all over the world. Websites like Amazon and Etsy can offer prices and selections you simply can’t find at local businesses as well as retail kings. But that doesn’t mean small businesses are necessarily an endangered species. Think about it: Are your customers giving you their business solely because of your prices or selection? For most companies, the answer is no.

4 ECommerce Software Services To Grow Your Small Business

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model makes enterprise technology available to small business owners. Functionality, like eCommerce software, is now priced to fit in small business budgets.

How To Make Money On Amazon: Tips For Small Business Owners

Let’s face it. Anyone can be an entrepreneur. If you’ve got a computer, determination, and Internet access, you can make money online.