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How to Collect, Report, and Pay Sales Taxes for Your Small Business

Sales tax is among the biggest headaches for entrepreneurs. Unless your business only sells to customers in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon, you must collect sales tax whenever a customer makes a purchase. Sales tax issues are extremely common because the rules vary from business to business and product to product. The amount […]

Conquering Challenges For Your Landscaping Company With Small Business Loans

Every industry has challenges that will likely never go away. The proof lies in almost every article you read about current or upcoming challenges for popular types of businesses. Trends change but there’s a good chance that the challenges you’ll read about are the same challenges these businesses have been dealing with for generations. This […]

What’s The Difference Between Equipment Leasing And Equipment Financing?

A common dilemma for small businesses is needing new equipment but not having enough cash to buy it. This leaves you with two options: equipment leasing and equipment financing. Before explaining the differences between the two, let’s re-define the second term so it is easier to understand. Equipment financing is simply another way to refer […]

How Small Business Loans Can Avoid Mistakes For Your Landscape Business

Regardless of the industry you are involved in, it is easy to make mistakes. Not every business owner is an expert at managing finances as well as priorities. Sometimes, the problem you are most worried about should be the least of your concerns, and vice versa. A seemingly minor oversight or bout of bad luck […]

When Working Capital Loans Make Sense For Landscaping Companies

Achieving sustainable growth is particularly challenging for landscaping companies. They are constantly caught off-guard by problems they didn’t experience early on. Starting a landscaping business is not easy but, compared to similar industries, you don’t need a lot of money to get your feet off the ground, and there aren’t as many educational or licensing […]

This Could Be The Secret For Growing Your Landscaping Business

Stephen Hillenmeyer Landscape Services of Lexington, Kentucky has been a family-owned business for nearly 200 years (yes, you read that right). But in today’s adapt-or-die world, no business is invulnerable to changes in demand. For owners Chase and Seth Hillenmeyer, that meant looking into offering more lawn-care services than just landscaping. By providing lawn upkeep and pest control, the company could stand apart from their competitors and increase exposure.

When Your Commercial Landscaping Business Could Use Small Business Loans

Many types of businesses are extremely expensive to run, but a select few have to deal with the additional problem of not being paid on a regular schedule. Such businesses include construction, pharmacy, and commercial landscaping. The latter industry is a special case because the business owner must procure a massive amount of new equipment along with a team of skilled workers before every single project

Success With The Source: Joe Dziurman, Owner Of A Contracting And Landscaping Business

United Capital Source’s #1 goal is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on delivering a great client experience. Below is a recent success story from one of our clients.