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3 Types Of Technology To Invest In For Your Small Business

3 Types Of Technology To Invest In For Your Small Business

One of the most popular uses for additional business funding is investing in new technology. While examples of advanced technology might be easier to conceive for certain industries (healthcare, E-commerce), examples for other industries aren’t exactly clear. And yet you hear about countless companies taking out small business loans to acquire some sort of tool […]

4 Reasons Your Small Business Might Be Losing Profitability

During the final weeks of 2018, many small businesses reviewed the year’s worth of data to see what was preventing them from reaching their financial goals. It’s safe to say that at least a decent portion of the younger businesses arrived at a similar conclusion. Despite their strong sales, the business isn’t in the financial […]

3 Potential Culprits For Your Wholesale Business’s Cash Flow Problems

When most businesses experience cash flow problems, the instinctual reaction is to focus on increasing sales. This seems logical, since the issue is rooted in the absence of cash and more sales should bring in more money to fill in the gap. But in the wholesale industry, insufficient revenue is far from the only potential […]

3 Possible Reasons Your Invoices Are Not Being Paid On Time

For many industries, late invoices are easily the most annoying and hazardous parts of the job. It often seems like there’s literally nothing you can do to ensure that all of your future clients/customers send payments on time. As luck would have it, a great deal of businesses that revolve around invoices are naturally prone […]

4 Tips For Managing Your Medical Practice’s Cash Flow In 2019

Most medical practices tend to suffer from the same challenges, all of which are related to operational costs. It seems that every year, physicians, dentists and other medical professionals are faced with higher expenses and an increasingly unstable cash flow system. In order to pay their bills and maintain the necessary resources for serving patients, […]

4 Most Important Financial Documents For Your Small Business

4 Most Important Financial Documents For Your Small Business

One universal sign of a responsible small business owner is a perpetual awareness of the business’s financial health. Responsible (and more likely than not, successful) business owners determine what’s working and what’s not by regularly examining a series of financial statements or accounting reports. Maintaining this habit also allows them to keep their records updated […]

OnDeck Capital Review: Everything You Need To Know

No business lender is perfect. A lot of them try (and get pretty close) but sometimes, the biggest advantages can lead to polarizing disadvantages. Take OnDeck Capital, for instance. This online business lender is widely-praised by all kinds of small business owners, and rightfully so. OnDeck’s application requires minimal paperwork, you can get funded in […]

Navigating Equipment Financing For Your Medical Practice

Very few industries are immune to seasonality. This includes medical practices, which go through busy and slow periods just like any other small business. For most doctor’s offices, August is their busiest time of the year. But once the average medical patient completes a scheduled check-up, he or she is not likely to return anytime […]

4 Things Medical Practices Should Know About Accounts Receivable Factoring

Accounts receivable factoring can be extremely advantageous for medical practices. For some doctor’s offices, this type of working capital loan is vital for staying current on bills and payroll. There will always be invoices and patient deductibles that do not get paid in time for you to cover regular business expenses. Insurance providers and patients […]

Working Capital Loans For The New Cash Flow Of Doctor’s Offices

Managing cash flow has become significantly harder for doctors over the past few years. Insurance companies are no longer footing the majority of the bill for common services. This responsibility now belongs to patients, who aren’t always known to pay in a timely manner. Then there’s the need for new technology, in regards to both […]