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3 Overlooked Ways To Cut Costs At Your Small Business

A very common trait of successful business leaders is the ability to spend money wisely and effectively. Some business leaders might even argue that this is the most important skill for running a small business altogether. This is partially because cutting costs and getting more value out of your resources is not as simple as […]

3 Things To Know About Equipment Financing For Your Restaurant

Equipment is one of the biggest and most important expenses of the restaurant business. Your ovens, fryers and freezers must be high quality and up-to-date in order to eliminate the likelihood of something breaking. Many restaurateurs try to avoid this scenario at all costs, partially due to seasonality. They can’t afford to lose any business […]

5 Tips For Gaining Media Attention For Your Small Business

There are so many different ways to market your small business. Before committing to a certain channel or strategy, you must first determine if the choice has worked for businesses similar to your own. For more traditional businesses (retail stores, car dealerships, restaurants), one of the most effective types of marketing has been media attention. […]

3 Advantages Of Having A Seasonal Small Business

It’s safe to say that the media paints a rather negative picture of seasonal small businesses. Though virtually all businesses are technically seasonal (everyone has customers whose behavior is influenced by changes in weather), the term usually refers to businesses that perform the majority of the year’s sales in the summer or winter. You don’t […]

4 Businesses Besides Retail That Get Very Busy During The Holiday Season

When you see an article about preparing your business for the holiday season, it’s almost always directed at retailers. The holiday season is traditionally the busiest time of the year for this industry. Their products are regularly purchased as gifts, and they are all the more special when purchased from a small business. For most […]

3 Reasons Today’s Small Business Loans Are (And Should Be) More Accessible

It’s rare for an entire industry to experience what can rightfully be referred to as a “transformation.” Well, the business financing industry is one of the few exceptions to this rule. More and more sources of small business loans are appearing and growing every day. Virtually every member of the new wave of business lenders […]

4 Ways To Keep Your Small Business Alive During A Rough Patch

No small business leader has had the same journey. Most successful ones, however, likely acquired the tools to become successful during a very similar experience. It’s the cornerstone of virtually every inspirational story, or what separates those who succeed from those who fail in all facets of life. The business is doing well and then, […]

3 Common Reasons So Many Small Businesses Fail

One of the most baffling paradoxes about small business owners is their tendency to continuously make the same mistakes, despite all their hard work and passion. Even the most motivated and financially-prepared business owners can unknowingly drive their businesses to failure. Fortunately, an increasing amount of new business owners becoming more aware of these mistakes, […]

4 Overlooked Factors That Play A Huge Role In Your Approval For An SBA Loan

The general requirements for an SBA Loan from a bank are relatively universal. Virtually every business owner knows you need to have a perfect credit score, high revenue, strong profitability, at least two years in business, and the ability to provide collateral. These requirements are basically common sense to anyone who has done just a […]

Which Type Of Working Capital Loan Should You Choose For Your Restaurant?

For many restaurants, the summer is their busy season. Customer activity reaches its annual peak, giving you the chance to make the most out of this increased interest. Like any experienced restaurateur, you understood that the busy season can quickly go from a blessing into a curse without sufficient preparation. And prepare you did. You […]