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3 Reasons Today’s Small Business Loans Are (And Should Be) More Accessible

It’s rare for an entire industry to experience what can rightfully be referred to as a “transformation.” Well, the business financing industry is one of the few exceptions to this rule. More and more sources of small business loans are appearing and growing every day. Virtually every member of the new wave of business lenders […]

3 Possible Reasons Your Invoices Are Not Being Paid On Time

For many industries, late invoices are easily the most annoying and hazardous parts of the job. It often seems like there’s literally nothing you can do to ensure that all of your future clients/customers send payments on time. As luck would have it, a great deal of businesses that revolve around invoices are naturally prone […]

When To Go With A Business Term Loan For Your Construction Company

The evolution of the business financing industry has turned several types of small business loans that previously weren’t as popular into household names. These programs tend to be the specialties of the newest and most innovative business financing companies in the industry. Examples include the merchant cash advance, which is a specialty of United Capital […]

Get Your Cosmetics Store Ready For The Busy Season With A Merchant Cash Advance

If your busiest season of the year is the holidays, now is the time to prepare for the surge in demand. Maximizing the likelihood of strong sales is a very complicated process that involves numerous obstacles. But it’s safe to say the two biggest obstacles are the need for additional business funding and potential changes […]

How To Qualify For A Small Business Loan

The quest for a small business loan begins with a question: Which type of small business loan is right for you? Your answer will have two parts: a certain product from a certain business lender. Let’s start with the first part, since it’s much easier to choose a product that seems appropriate than a business […]

4 Ways Working Capital Loans Can Prepare Your Retail Store For The Holidays

For many retailers, the busiest time of the year is the holiday season. Busy periods are all about preparation. The more time you spend preparing for a surge in demand and the resulting curve balls, the higher the likelihood of a strong performance. This is why some of the most successful retailers begin preparing for […]

Explaining Business Loans Against Credit Card Sales For Your Jewelry Store

You’ve got to have something special to succeed and stay vital in the jewelry business. Think about it: The industry is clearly highly saturated, and yet more and more independent entrepreneurs are entering the scene. This is partially because they’ve learned from the mistakes of their predecessors and are determined not to repeat them. Some […]

Why You Should Pursue Working Capital Loans Before Expanding Your Retail Store

Retail is one of several industries that is often stereotyped as being difficult to grow. Banks have traditionally been less-than-generous to retailers looking for business loans. While this stereotype is undeniably unfair and unwarranted, there is some truth to the notion that retail stores are increasingly likely to run into trouble as they expand. Radio […]

The Two Small Business Loans That Make The Most Sense For Retail Stores

The retail industry has gone through some pretty drastic changes as of late, and is positioned to change even more over the next few years. Brick-and-mortar stores must once again adapt to new demands and competition in order to survive. Where they should start, however, isn’t exactly clear. A Google search on the subject will […]

Which Is Best For My Retail Store: Business Line of Credit Or Merchant Cash Advance?

Traditional business lenders are notorious for discriminating against certain industries for different reasons. Applicants for small business loans are frequently rejected solely because of the unique challenges of their industries. These challenges have led to otherwise thriving industries being unfairly stereotyped as “risky” or “low-growth.” One example is retail, which presents a host of different […]