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Working Capital Loan Vs Term Loan

Working capital loans and term loans are both meant to increase revenue but each option is best for different types of expenses. Applicants must determine whether the expense in question is a necessity for survival or a growth opportunity as well as how quickly the expense can be paid off.

Business Term Loan Vs Unsecured Business Line Of Credit

The common question we answer when speaking with business owners is: When does it make sense to apply for a business line of credit or a business term loan?

Small Business Term Loans Bill Of Rights

Since the Magna Carta, people’s rights have sought to have been protected. We are more familiar with The Bill of Rights here in the USA as the collective name for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution.

Why Term Loans Are A Good Alternative Funding For Small Business

Business in America is dynamic, competitive and taking advantage of the opportunities is important. Applying for and being approved by banks for small business funding is often a prolonged process during which business opportunities vanish before the funds are received.

Does Your Small Business Need A Line Of Credit Or A Term Loan?

United Capital Source offers business lines of credit and term loans (for qualifying clients) for loan periods of between 48 and 60 months with flexible repayment schedules to suit your business needs. Our finance team are specialists in working with different industries and invest their time to diligently understand client businesses.