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4 Businesses Besides Retail That Get Very Busy During The Holiday Season

When you see an article about preparing your business for the holiday season, it’s almost always directed at retailers. The holiday season is traditionally the busiest time of the year for this industry. Their products are regularly purchased as gifts, and they are all the more special when purchased from a small business. For most […]

Comparing Traditional Business Lenders and Online Business Lenders

When business lenders talk about the “transformation” or “evolution” of their industry, they are mostly referring to the rise of online business lenders. It sometimes seems like a new online business lender pops up every day. They typically offer the same programs as traditional business lenders (banks, credit unions) but with one or two major […]

4 Small Business Tasks To Take Care Of When Everyone Else Is On Vacation

Many small businesses experience a lull in customer activity shortly after the holidays. The slowest point is typically the week between Christmas and New Year’s, largely because it’s such a popular time to go on vacation. But being a successful business owner means being opportunistic, as opposed to taking a break like everyone else. This […]

Have You Been Declined By American Express Merchant Financing? Here’s What To Do

If your small business accepts American Express credit cards and performs consistent debit and credit transactions, American Express Merchant Financing seems like a very sensible funding source. The program is basically a cheaper version of a merchant cash advance. This makes it an ideal choice for both short and long-term investments. However, consider this scenario. […]

What To Do If You’ve Been Declined for Small Business Loans

It doesn’t matter how much the business financing industry has evolved or how many options there are today. Getting a small business bank loan declined is a huge, huge blow. You’ve probably spent the past few months gathering paperwork, meeting with your accountant, and composing an expansive business plan only to find out all this […]

3 Ways A Business Cash Advance Can Help Your Retail Business Save Money

When asked about the first steps towards obtaining a small business loan, most business lenders will agree that you should begin by asking yourself a question: What is the true reason you are thinking about applying? If you intend to make the best use of the borrowed funds, your answer will not be singular. While […]

Here’s Everything You Need To Do If You’re Considering A Small Business Loan

You’re ready to begin your journey for a small business loan, but there’s one problem: Every online article you read about what to do says something different. Should you start by compiling financial documents, researching requirements, or contacting potential business lenders? You’ve already done something right by wanting to be prepared. The more time you […]

3 Dangerous Assumptions To Make When Growing Your Small Business

When looking at the mistakes of failed small businesses, each business’s demise appears to have at least one thing in common. It turns out that the mistakes they made weren’t related to simply going about something the wrong way. They’d didn’t choose the “wrong” marketing strategy, release the “wrong” product, or invest in the “wrong” […]

How To Decide Which Business Lender Is Right For You

One of the main reasons applying for a small business loan is seen as such a confusing, stressful process is the fact that every business lender is different. It’s not uncommon for a borrower to have to speak with multiple business lenders before being approved. After figuring out which type of small business loan makes […]

How To Decide Which Type Of Small Business Loan Is Right For You

You’ve come to the conclusion that you absolutely need a small business loan. After doing a little research, you learn that there are now many more types of small business loans than a few decades ago. Some options seem nearly identical, while others have wildly different repayment structures. How are you supposed to decide which […]