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Questions Before Getting Credit Card Processing Loans – Q & A

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If you’re a small business owner looking to take your business to the next level or even manage the day-to-day more effectively, you may consider applying for a credit card processing loan. Credit card processing loans can help you finance new equipment or inventory purchases, among many other uses. But before you apply for a credit card processing loan, there are a few things you should know. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself before applying for loans on credit card processing.

What is a loan against credit card receivables?

Credit card processing loans are an alternative form of small business financing that provides upfront cash in exchange for future credit card receivables. It’s a type of business funding available to companies that accept credit cards as a mode of payment. Unlike a traditional business loan, you don’t have any interest rates or set payment schedule. Instead, the lender buys a percentage of your future credit card sales for a discounted price and takes a portion every time you batch out.

How do credit card processing loans work?

Credit card processing loans are a great way to get money into your small business quickly and efficiently. You can receive funds from merchant lenders in a few business days rather than weeks and months for traditional bank loans. The process involves selling a percentage of future debit and credit card sales for cash today. The merchant lender essentially purchases an amount of your future sales at a discount. The agreed-upon factor rate determines the profit margin the mca lender receives, and the Holback Rate determines what percentage of sales they take from each batch of credit card sales.

Are credit card processing advances considered loans?

Credit card processing advances don’t qualify as “loans.” They’re sales of future credit revenue in exchange for capital today, which technically makes them different from any other kind of traditional small business loan.

What is the difference between a business loan and a cash advance against future credit card sales?

The main difference between a business loan and a cash advance against future credit card sales is that an advance charges all interest on the principal amount upfront. In contrast, business term loans only charge interest as you repay your debt.

What can you use a credit card processing loan for?

A merchant cash advance is a great way to get funds for your company. You can use it for anything, from working capital or improvements like renovations, or to beef up technology & staffing.

Can I use a credit card processing loan for personal use?

It’s essential always to keep your business and personal life separate. We do not recommend paying yourself with a business loan at all. It makes no sense to put your business in financial jeopardy to cover personal responsibilities temporarily. Some lenders may call their loans and pursue legal action if they become aware that this is the case.

Do business loans on credit card sales go against your credit?

There’s no reporting your credit card processing loan payment history, so it won’t help build up or strengthen a credit profile in any way. However, if you do not repay the advance, a lender may sue you, and the judgment will show up on your credit report.

How much can you borrow from a merchant cash advance?

With a merchant cash advance, you can get up to $1 million in funding for your small business. The process can take as little as 1-2 business days.

What happens if you don’t pay a business loan against credit card sales?

If you default on a credit card processing loan, it might constitute a breach of contract, and they will likely file a lawsuit against you. In addition, the MCA company will likely include a confession of judgment clause in their agreement which allows them to take legal action against the personal assets of those who have breached these terms. If you’re having trouble repaying your merchant advance, it’s possible to modify the repayment plan if it includes a reconciliation clause.

Are credit card processing loans regulated?

There are no strict regulations on credit card processing loans, but some states like New York and California are leading the way in regulating this alternative loan industry. 

Is a business loan against credit card sales bad?

A business loan on credit card sales can be risky for small businesses. The credit card revenue that comes in is used to pay off the balance, which could put additional strain on your company’s short-term cash flow. You must work out terms that will help your business more than hurt it. 

Are credit card processing loans a good idea?

Credit card processing loans offer small businesses and entrepreneurs an excellent way to get the money they need as soon as possible. If you’re looking into making improvements or purchasing new equipment, an advance on your credit card receipts can help! Not everyone gets a loan from banks, so this type of financing is a great alternative.

Are credit card processing loans right for your business?

It is a good idea for small businesses that need some help getting their business going during slow periods or capitalize on having more working capital. If you’re sure you can quickly put the money to work and generate a profit with it, a credit card processing loan could be a great benefit to your business.

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