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Achieving sustainable growth is particularly challenging for landscaping companies. They are constantly caught off-guard by problems they didn’t experience early on. Starting a landscaping business is not easy but, compared to similar industries, you don’t need a lot of money to get your feet off the ground, and there aren’t as many educational or licensing requirements. The lack of barriers for entry has resulted in an above-average level of competition. Landscaping companies must fight to stay relevant when the economy takes a hit or the weather changes. Many customers view landscaping as a luxury, not a necessity. If landscaping companies do not remain vital all throughout the year, they run the risk of being forgotten.

Thankfully, maintaining relevance and momentum often comes down to simply gaining access to a little extra funding at the right time. Your best option is likely a business financing company that knows the industry inside and out. Look no further than United Capital Source, which offers various types of working capital loans tailored for the different problems landscaping companies are logistically projected to run into.

Preparing For Winter

Outsiders have probably never wondered what landscaping companies do when winter rolls around. Sure, you see landscaping jobs being completed everywhere you turn during the warmer months. This explosion of demand, however, literally takes a 180-degree turn as temperatures do the same. Snow basically eliminates the need for landscaping services. And as any small business owner knows, major problems require complex solutions. This is why United Capital Source’s working capital loans are designed to not only cover business expenses during the slow season, but also ensure a strong performance during the busy season to make up for the money that is lost in the months prior.

Getting Help Before You Need It

Most landscape companies take on new hires shortly before their first jobs of the busy season. They use every last dollar to keep their businesses alive during the slow season, and could not afford to prepare for the uptick in demand that follows. This leaves very little time for training and therefore increases the risk of accidents with equipment and/or dissatisfied customers. Another risk of scrambling to build a team in such a short period of time is neglecting the value of new equipment. Tools for the landscaping industry are constantly evolving. A new piece of equipment could potentially accomplish the same amount of work as two people for a significantly lower price. But you can’t expect workers to know how to use new equipment on their first day of work.

United Capital Source can help landscapers avoid every one of these issues by supplying working capital loans just a few business days after an application has been processed. This allows you to prepare for projects almost immediately after your customers sign contracts. The beauty of working with United Capital Source is that most of our working capital loans are not structured like traditional bank loans. Since landscapers do not get paid in full until a project is completed, we do not ask for large payments when borrowers are preparing for upcoming projects or are knee-deep in the work itself.

They Won’t Find Another Boss Like You

Finding and retaining reliable workers, however, is not easy for landscapers. The industry’s seasonal nature doesn’t exactly make it the most appealing career option, and competitors are notorious for poaching workers by offering the slightest increase in hourly wages. A working capital loan can solve this problem in many ways. You’ll always be able to pay your workers on schedule, even if you have to wait several weeks longer than usual for compensation to come in or a project gets delayed. And with a company like United Capital Source by your side, you can actually prove to your workers that your business is growing steadily. Employees will be less likely to defect once they realize that your business can take advantage of opportunities that your competitors cannot.

Staying Relevant All Year Round

Customers don’t just come to you in the landscaping business. You have to advertise, especially in the final stages of the slow season or amid economic fluctuations. At United Capital Source, we understand that marketing campaigns take time to bring in customers. Our working capital loans can be customized to finance a host of advertising strategies, like pay-per-click ads, a new website, workers’ shirts that display your logo, or press releases about exceptional projects. The sum of your working capital loan would likely be partially based on how much new business your marketing tactics are expected to bring in, and your largest payments would be made when those new customers become a reality.

Growing a landscaping business means adapting to change, and the circumstances of this industry are changing every day. Working capital loans from UCS give you the ability to act quickly and devote total concentration to your projects. Now that you have virtually all the tools for attracting and satisfying customers, the future doesn’t seem so murky. After all; if your track record is impressive enough to win lucrative contracts, the costs of starting the project should not limit the quality of your work.

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