Small Business Loans for Child Care & Day Care

Parents work longer hours and more single parents raising kids alone. Couple that along with the increased cost of living and lower social security benefits, the need for child care – often referred to as day care – has experienced a steady rise as a business sector.

United Capital Source is proud to be providing business funding for child care & day care centers across America. Similar to other customer service businesses such as senior healthcare centers and restaurants, child care businesses require refurbishment to stay competitive.

We understand the business funding needs of child care centers. Cash flow coming in the form of monthly fees, accounts receivables are typically reliable – supporting a specific type of business funding called accounts receivable loans.

One of our most loyal clients in the Boston general area needed funds to acquire a local competitor day care facility. Our knowledge of the child care industry and familiarity with the cash flow of the business allowed our lending team to quickly approve this merchant with a small business loan.

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