Small Business Loans for Equipment & Furniture Wholesalers

Currency fluctuations for importers and wholesalers of equipment and furniture is an uncertainty that impacts the price paid for goods. While higher US dollar exchange rates against foreign currencies provide more purchasing power for US firms importing goods from manufacturers in other countries, lower US dollar exchange rates can lead to increased costs of goods purchased.

A Virginia based forklift wholesale company was looking for a small business loan to increase efficiency within their warehouse of office equipment and furniture business. Being able to move more boxes faster onto delivery trucks would increase inventory turnover.

Our wholesale finance specialists flew down to Virginia and inspected the warehouse, reviewed inventory, and evaluated the business. Within 3 weeks of walking through the warehouse, meeting with the business owner, and financial controller providing the required information for the business loan application, this wholesaler was approved for an accounts receivable loan for $500,000 to purchase 8 new forklifts.

As a result, the business owner was able to bid for a larger contract. Due to the modern fleet of forklifts, the furniture wholesaler was able to secure this $100,000 contract with a Washington DC based legal corporation.

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And if you want to know what it's like to do business with us, view a video of Steve Green, owner of GTS Telephone, speaking about the simple loan application forms United Capital Source provided to obtain a small business loan.