Small Business Loans for Senior Living Healthcare Centers & Adult Care

United Capital Source offers business funding services for senior care and general healthcare centers that are waiting on insurance payments to pay off debt and make a profit. With our working capital loans, your healthcare center will have the business funding it needs to give patients the best care possible.

Healthcare and senior living centers can avoid being at the mercy of insurance company payment structures and remove the cash flow payment issues created when business expenses arise with our small business loans. Many of our healthcare center clients are subject to strict payment deadlines on both medical fees and capital expenditures for compliance costs.

Healthcare centers providing senior adult and end-of-life care are often in need of funding the most. Their dependents often fall behind their monthly payment dues as they await insurance payments, leaving the centers with very little positive cash flow during the interim. This can cause delays in accounts receivables, which in turn can restrict paying major expenses such as payroll, remodeling, inventory, emergency care services, food expenses, utilities, supplies, and much more.

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