Small Business Loans for Landscaping, Gardening & Lawn Care

United Capital Source services thousands of small business loan needs in hundreds of industries across America.

Commercial landscaping companies that provide gardening and lawn care services often have working capital requirements that require short-term lending. Similar to construction projects, landscapers have large capital outlays on soil, mulch, rock, pebbles, trees, shrubs, and plants. In addition, commercial gardeners have variable labor costs that add to the large upfront cash requirements faced before starting a project.

At United Capital Source, we have real customers in the landscaping, gardening and lawn care sector who rely on our small business loans. In one example, a Boston-based commercial landscaping company won a large commmercial contract with a corporate campus. This required the company owners to use their own funds to purchase equipment and pay employees for work that the company wouldn’t get paid for until the job was finished.

From the time of application to receipt of funds, the working capital loan took 12 days.

In the landscaping, gardening and lawn care industry, United Capital Source’s management understands the business’s mechanics and drivers. With this knowledge, our team of experienced lending manages was able to quickly assess the working capital requirements and advise the right business loan solution.

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