small Business Loans for Liquor Stores

Liquor stores nationwide compete with the larger supermarket and beverage chains. Often located on suburban street corners or in local downtown shopping areas, liquor stores offer a friendly smile and a knowledgeable staff member.

One of our finance managers at United Capital Source worked part-time during the summer in a local liquor and wine mart, bringing valuable experience and knowledge to our finance team helping us better understand their challenges as we began funding these businesses. 

In a beach town in South Florida, one of our loyal clients was approached by an alcohol manufacturer to showcase a new range of plastic packaged pre-made alcoholic beverages. Requiring funds to purchase a minimum quantity and promote a launch event in the local media, United Capital Source was asked to provide a small business loan against credit card sales.

Within 3 business days, this liquor store merchant had their small business loan funds approved. They were able to notify the liquor distributor, confirm their involvement as a launch partner, and used the funds to purchase this new product — which generated more sales and profits for the business.

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