Small Business Loans for Rental Cars & Limousine Companies

Limos and rental cars are great fun to ride in. But passengers in limousines tend to be less than careful. As a result, rental car operators have higher insurance costs, and quadruple the normal maintenance costs in tire usage, brake replacements, and oil changes.

Most renters of rental cars pay by credit card for upgrades and unforeseen car maintenance. And higher insurance premiums charged by insurance providers can result in the need for loans against credit card sales.

Limousine operators have large investments in their automotive fleet of cars. Limousine fleet capital outlays can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which requires small business loans where banks and traditional lenders are often not competitive.

But we have a network of finance partners that cater specifically to businesses like limousines and rental car companies. We understand limousine businesses have unique funding requirements due to the frequent refurbishment costs for ripped seats that need replacing, the need for newer sound systems, new carpeting, and bar equipment –among a whole host of other things.

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