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How To Complete And File LLC Articles Of Organization

As far as business entities go, none may top the advantages of an LLC, or Limited Liability Company. Owners of LLCs get the personal protection and lower taxes of corporations without the tedious paperwork and legal obligations. LLCs have much less requirements for formation as well. Corporations must issue stock, draft bylaws, file reports, and […]

The Most Important Types of Small Business Insurance

No business owner wants to think about property damage and legal claims. They already have enough to worry about. And how many companies have actually had to use their business insurance? Well, for those that did, the decision to purchase the right insurance package likely prevented their companies from going under. Just one unexpected crisis […]

What Are The Differences Between An LLC And A Corporation?

Small business owners make game-changing decisions all the time. None of these predicaments, however, can match the significance of choosing the right business entity. This decision will determine the way you pay taxes, your opportunities for growth, and the general, day-to-day responsibilities you will have as the business owner. It’s common for businesses to begin […]

What Are Articles Of Incorporation And How Do You Fill Them Out?

You’ve decided to structure your business as a corporation. As you can probably imagine, this decision comes with substantial paperwork. Easily the most important documents required for forming a corporation are the articles of incorporation. Your local secretary of state must approve this legal document in order for your corporation to begin doing business. So, […]

What Is The Asset Turnover Ratio Formula For Small Businesses?

The success of your small business largely depends on your management of working capital. But working capital doesn’t just mean cash. By definition, the term working capital refers to all assets currently available for covering business expenses or operational costs. In other words, it’s not how much cash you have that matters. It’s the value […]

Jared Weitz Talks Superhuman Qualities Of Entrepreneurs In New Forbes Piece

Entrepreneurs are known for their work ethic, resilience and ingenuity. But lots of people are capable of working hard, picking themselves up after a fall, and coming up with innovative ideas. The qualities that make entrepreneurs truly unique, or “superhuman,” are often not what you see on the surface. In this new piece for Forbes, […]

What Is The Net Working Capital Formula For Small Businesses?

When it comes to the responsibilities of business owners, very few can match the importance of staying on top of the right numbers. This includes profitability, performance data, and of course, working capital. Small business owners must constantly keep tabs on how much working capital they have on hand. Without this information, countless critical tasks […]

Jared Weitz Talks Honesty In Business Financing In New Forbes Piece

The goal of every salesperson is to convince potential customers to think that they truly need (or will eventually need) their product or service. Many salespeople try to accomplish this through exaggerated scare tactics. Business financing professionals, on the other hand, are usually telling the absolute truth when they express the undeniable necessity of small […]

All The Small Business Licenses And Permits You Need To Know

New business owners have a long road in front of them. There’s the fun parts, like gathering operational resources, developing a business model, and promoting the business. But in order to get your business up and running, you must first conquer the many boring, tedious parts required for making your business official. This of course […]

What Is the Small Business Tax Rate And How Is It Determined?

Even the most intelligent business owners have trouble understanding small business tax rates. They might not know how many different types of taxes they have to pay, how each rate is calculated, or which factors have the biggest impact on their final tax bill. The answer to each question isn’t entirely clear because it depends […]